Tired Of Missing Sales Opportunities?

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Tired Of Missing Sales Opportunities?

Are you tired of missing sales opportunities?


You may have an awesome product or service; but if your potential clients aren’t seeing the value in this, it ends up in frustration and of course – lost sales.


In this article, we’ll explore five key factors to learn and implement if you want to close more sales consistently.


If you’re tired of missing sales targets and opportunities, read on to learn how to win more sales.



Tired Of Missing Sales Opportunities? 5 x Tips To Close More Sales



If You’re Tired Of Missing Sales – Follow A Sales Process



If you’re tired of missing sales opportunities and targets, chances are you’re not following a proven sales process.


A sales process is a step by step structure, set up to guide you and your potential client on a sales journey.


This results in winning more sales, having sales conversations with qualified clients, and getting more referrals.


Although there are many sales methodologies out there, our methodology called The 5% Sales Blueprint focuses on the following key steps:


  • Building rapport
  • Setting a pre-frame
  • Asking questions that uncover pain
  • Learning about their desires and outcomes
  • Finding out what budget they have to get their result
  • Prescribing your product or service
  • Overcoming objections
  • Asking for the sale


Our sales process details a consistent, step by step and measurable approach to helping you close more sales.


Many sales methodologies have cute acronyms; but don’t actually guide you on exactly what to do next.


To learn more about putting the steps together, check out the related article below.


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If You’re Tired Of Missing Sales – You May Not Be Qualifying Correctly



The chances are if you’re tired of missing sales opportunities; you may not be speaking with the right decision makers in the first place.


Many salespeople speak with people in the hope that they’ll say yes and make an order or purchase.


However – are you following a step by step system to ensure you’re speaking with people who can even make the decision on buying your product or service?


You may be an excellent salesperson; however, if you’re speaking with people who can’t make buying decisions, you’ll unnecessarily lengthen your sales process, as well as waste time and resources.


We highly recommend having your sales conversations with people who are qualified to make a buying decision, to ensure you don’t have to deal with sales objections that come up later.


A simple, yet effective way of qualifying your potential client is using something called BANT. This stands for:


  • Budget
  • Authority
  • Need
  • Time frame


By getting clarity on each of these points, you can figure out whether you can in fact help them or not, or if they are qualified for your offer.


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Are You Using A Pre-Frame?



If you’re tired of missing sales opportunities with people you know are qualified for your product or service, there’s a high likelihood you’re not using something we call a pre-frame.


Think of it this way – a sales conversation is a frame; meaning, the conversation will be framed around you learning what they want, and then presenting what you have to solve their problems.


A pre-frame is the conversation you have prior to the frame (sales dialogue) to ensure you both know exactly what to expect from your sales conversation.


A pre-frame covers three distinct things.


First of all, it ensures that the right people are present who would be able to make a decision. If you’re tired of missing sales, there’s a high likelihood you may be regularly getting the ‘I need to speak to’ sales objection.


By ensuring the right people are present, you prevent this coming up later.


Secondly, the pre-frame let’s them know that you’ll be letting them know that you will make an offer if you think you can help them, and that it is OK if they think it’s not a right fit.


This removes the ‘I need to think about it’ objection and carries the stress of a potential high-pressure sales situation off their shoulders.


Finally – it gets permission to ask a lot of questions. This is a must need ingredient if you want to consistently win more sales.


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If You’re Tired Of Missing Sales Opportunities, You May Be ‘Prematurely Presenting’



As per our article in Entrepreneur Magazine, many salespeople do something we call ‘premature presentation’.


Premature presentation is presenting your product or service before you should, and if you’re tired of missing sales, there’s a high likelihood you could be doing this too.


Imagine you walked into a medical specialist’s office; once you enter, they build some basic rapport, and then start presenting you with various medicine, other things they have for sale, and other offers they specialise in.


You’d think they’d have gone mad!


However, so many salespeople operate in this same manner.


And it’s not their fault. Many sales trainers teach outdated sales models and methodologies, which result in this bad practice.


Instead, I want you to follow your sales process like a true professional and specialist.


They ask many deep diving questions first, find out your pain points, and then finally – they prescribe the exact solution needed to fix their pain points and required outcomes.


By following this model, it ensures you don’t suffer from premature presentation, and that you present elegantly – resulting in a higher closing rate.


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If You’re Tired Of Missing Sales, You May Need To Ask More Questions



If you’re tired of missing sales opportunities, there is a high likelihood that you may be speaking more than asking questions.


Your ability to ask many powerful and targeted questions is the difference between consistent sales success, or missing sales opportunities.


There are various question types you need to read and model. These are:



Finally; it is equally important to learn how to use tie down sales techniques.


Tie down sales techniques are questions you ask, that reaffirm a person’s belief, align them to yours, and then help them sell themselves on why they need your product or service.


To learn more about tie down sales techniques, check out the related article below.


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Final Thoughts



Although there is a vast number of reasons you may be tired of missing sales opportunities, the likelihood is that it comes down to not following a systematic sales process.


By being consistent with your sales process, you can comfortably measure what’s working, and use it time and time again with all your potential clients.


This means you win more sales, because you follow what works. It also means more happy clients, and more referrals.


By not following a consistent system, you wing it with your sales conversations – which means your results will also be random.


If you’re interested in up skilling your sales process, register for our 7 day sales challenge here.



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