The 5 X Top Sales Methodologies For Sales Success

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The 5 X Top Sales Methodologies For Sales Success

A common issue many Sales Professionals face when conducting their sales interviews and question sessions, are that they don’t follow a process that gives them consistency.


Add into the mix that many have been taught to use outdated scripts; and you potentially have a recipe for lacklustre sales performance.


So how do you ensure you’re consistent; and that both you and your prospect walk away from the sale in a better and happier place?


The answer is following top sales methodologies.


In this article, we’ll explore what sales methodologies are, why they’re important, and look at the five top sales methodologies to consider using for consistent selling.



The 5 X Top Sales Methodologies For Sales Success



What Are Sales Methodologies?



Simply put, sales methodologies are a simple to use framework, or sales process you can use for successful selling.


If you’re not using a framework and simply winging it, then you wouldn’t be using a sales methodology.


However, if you’re using a process of some kind (even if it is your own), then you would be using a sales process.


Sales methodologies can be used in B2B sales (business to business) or B2C sales (business to consumer).


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Why Are Sales Methodologies Important?



So now that we know what sales methodologies are, why are they important?


There’s a number of valuable and important reasons why you should be using a sales process, which we’ll go into now.


First of all, sales methodologies give you certainty. If you’re just playing each potential sale with a different approach each time, you’re not certain what step you’re going to approach your prospect with next. This can create confusion, which may impact your rapport and sales relationships.


By using a process and framework, you give yourself clarity on what you need to focus on now, and what you need to be focusing on next.


In sales, discipline and consistency are keys to sales success, because it gives both you and your potential clients certainty.


Secondly, using a sales methodology or framework allows you to analyse which part of your process you need to work on (may not be so good at); and which parts you excel at. This allows you the opportunity to dissect your work and improve upon what you need to.


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Are Frameworks And Scripts The Same Thing?



Prior to exploring the top sales methodologies, let’s first correct an assumption people sometimes get mistaken; that is that sales methodologies/ frameworks are scripts.


Sales methodologies and scripts are different because:


  • Methodologies are framework and process based
  • Scripts are repetitive, and memory based


As per our article in Entrepreneur Magazine (online), we don’t recommend the use of exact scripts and recommend using a framework instead.


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The 5 X Top Sales Methodologies For Sales Success



The Challenger Sale



Based on the 2011 book by the same name, The Challenger Sale is one of the popular and famously used sales methodologies. The main focus is on the Sales Professional type and their style.


In the book, it details the five types of salespeople profiles:


  • The hard worker (self-motivated, invested in feedback and professional development)
  • The lone wolf (self-assured, follows their own instincts)
  • The relationship builder (consultative nature, enjoys building long term relationships)
  • The problem solver (detail orientated, likes to solve complex issues)
  • The challenger (likes to debate/ push and challenge the prospect, and knows the prospects business well)


This sales methodology states that challengers are the best sales type, and use teach and tailored tactics.



Inbound Selling



This model has become increasingly popular and will continue to grow as one of the popular sales methodologies. The reason for its growth is due to internet becoming a lot more widespread and accessible; practically at any time.


Inbound selling is the step by step process of creating inbound sales funnels, that create a reason for your potential clients and your leads to come to you.


Inbound selling consistent of:


  • Putting together a marketing strategy
  • Creating lead magnets
  • Having a lead contact form, or opt in form
  • Contacting your prospect either online, or on the phone/ in person



NEAT Selling



NEAT Selling is another one of the more popular and widely used sales methodologies and was created by Sales Hacker & the Harris Consulting Group.


Its acronym stands for:


N- Needs

E- Economic Impact

A- Access to authority

T- Timeline



SPIN Selling



This sales methodology was created by Neil Rackham and is another famous and easy to remember framework to use.


The SPIN Selling model stands for:


S- Situation

P- Problem

I- Implication

N- Need



The 5% Sales Blueprint



The 5% Sales Blueprint is a step by step framework designed for people interested in consultative sales methodologies.


It’s been specifically designed for Sales Professionals and Business Owners who want to position themselves in the marketplace as a Specialist, a Trusted Source, and a Consultative Adviser.


The steps of The 5% Sales Blueprint are:


  • Goal setting for success
  • Sales psychology
  • The importance of following a sales process
  • Building rapport
  • Setting pre-frames
  • Power questions
  • The pain process
  • Future pacing and pleasure
  • Talking about money impact, plus what they’ll pay to resolve the problem
  • Presenting
  • Handling objections
  • Closing


Plus these bonuses:


  • Inbound lead generation techniques
  • Outbound lead generation techniques


The program has been designed in this way, to help both Sales Professionals and Business Owners learn how to generate leads (whether inbound or outbound), and then guide them on how to enrol those prospects into clients.


People who generally use The 5% Sales Blueprint, are Sales Professionals or Business Owners that have to sell face to face or over the phone.



Final Thoughts



Sales methodologies are an important ingredient if you wish to be successful in sales, because it gives you consistency. This is key is you want to sell more of your products and services without winging it.


If you’re interested in learning more about increasing your sales, you can register for our 7 day sales challenge here.



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