Are Sales Scripts Hurting Your Sales?

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Are Sales Scripts Hurting Your Sales?

Sales scripts are a popular topic in weekly training sessions, sales training programs, and of course in various sales and marketing books.


But do sales scripts actually work?


And more importantly – have new consultative ways of selling killed off the premise of using exact sales scripts when you’re trying to sell?


In this article, we’ll explore:


  • Should you be using sales scripts
  • Why people push sales scripts
  • What you can do to ensure you close more sales; yet maintain rapport



Are Sales Scripts Hurting Your Sales?



Should You be Using Sales Scripts?



As per our article in Entrepreneur, many Sales Trainers and Sales Managers push the use of using sales scripts (also known as talk tracks).


The age-old question, is do they in fact work or not; and can they be harming your sales?


Unfortunately, the answer isn’t so black and white; however you definitely should not be using exact sales scripts when speaking to your potential clients.


The problem with using exact sales scripts is that it makes you sound robotic and puts a lot of pressure on both yourself as a Sales Professional, and the potential client as well.


How many times have you been called by a person reading off a script? When they called and started reading; did it make you feel like you were building rapport – or the opposite?


Of course, it probably annoyed you because at that moment you realise that they’re treating you just like another number on their dial sheet.


The first step with your sales dialogue should be building trust and rapport, so it doesn’t make sense to start a relationship with a script that’ll only harm your efforts.


As per the previous article mentioned in Entrepreneur, we note that for scripts to work in a training environment, both people involved in a sales training scenario need to be in on their script for it to work.


In the real world; especially when you’re speaking with such a diverse range of potential clients and personalities, you’re not going to be able to implement and succeed using your exact scripts.



Other Issues Using Exact Sales Scripts



Another problem I have with people using exact sales scripts, is that it puts the focus on yourself (inward) on what script you should use next to rebut what they respond with. You’re trained that a person says something, and you should respond with this or that (depending on what they say).


This puts the focus on you; which robs you the opportunity to build a deeper relationship of empathy with your prospect.


An important part of your sales process need to be asking deep diving, open-ended questions to uncover:


  • Their pain points
  • What they want to achieve
  • When they want to achieve it
  • How long have they had the issue?
  • What does the issue mean for them and their business?
  • Do they have a budget to fix the issue?
  • And so on.


If you’re focused instead on what script you’re going to use next, you’re not being completely present at the moment to actively listen to what they’re actually saying, and you’ll miss the opportunity to further learn about what it is in fact they want to solve – and buy.


Last and definitely not least; another reason why using sales scripts can harm your sales, is because you’re supposedly supposed to remember rebuttals for all kinds of potential answers they could give you.


Actors memorise their lines; however, they do it after reading from their script, and chunk things together when that part is being recorded. Then they move onto their next scripts.


They’re not expected to remember a thousand different sales script rebuttals.


Honestly who would, and how could you realistically be expected to?


This brings us to the next point, which is why Sales Trainers or Managers push sales scripts in the first place.



Why People Push Sales Scripts?



Many sales training companies out there will try and sell you on the idea, that their sales scripts are the next best thing since sliced bread. But if they don’t work that well – why do they still sell it as a good concept to implement and use?


It’s much like the diet pill craze.


Unfortunately, many people out there – Sales Professionals included, are looking for a quick fix that’ll give them quick results.


Stay up one night and watch the infomercials past 11 pm; a lot of products are centred around the ‘new flashy object’ concept and story; promising that a quick fix will solve all your problems.


Selling sales scripts is exactly the same.


It only makes them richer, and leaves you standing where you currently are.


For the reasons mentioned in the previous paragraphs; it’ll harm your sales and they are nothing more than trying to sell to your inner desires looking for a quick fix solution.



So What Should You Do Instead?



By this time, you probably have a good understanding that using exact sales scripts won’t work.


So what should you do instead?


Notice when mentioning sales scripts, that I describe it as using exact sales scripts. The reason being, is some sales scripts can work.


I just personally wouldn’t depend on them to win any sales, because like mentioned in this article earlier – when you’re dealing with different personality types, a cookie cutter script isn’t going to help you.


How could a simple response work with different people, from different environments and backgrounds?


Instead, the best way to win more sales is to put your focus towards using a sales system and using a sales structure instead of a script.


Sales structure means there are certain things you do at certain times. There are various different kinds of sales structure you can use, as taught by many businesses online and in person.


At The 5% Institute, we teach a sales structure called The 5% Sales Blueprint. A sales blueprint to help you get into the top 5% of your sales industry.


The process we teach is:


  • Building rapport: Before anyone buys from you, they need to trust and like you
  • Setting pre-frames: This is a structure we set to counter objections up front and establish a frame around the conversation about to be held. By doing so, you manage expectations, and create certainty for both you and your potential client
  • Power questions: Questions that help the prospect sell themselves
  • Pain, future pacing, and money: Covering these are crucial if you want to get to the emotion behind why they want to buy, and help them comes up with ways to solve it
  • Enrolling clients: The sale isn’t done without the order


To learn about The 5% Sales Blueprint, including bonuses and more, simply click here to find out more.



Final Thoughts



Sales scripts are taught as an easy, quick fix to help you win more sales, handle rebuttals, and win more sales. As per our unpacking of the topic in this article; sales scripts can in fact be harming your sales instead.


The best method to use is a sales structure and process, giving both you and your potential client certainty, and something you can use regularly because you won’t have to remember a thousand different rebuttals.


It’s more realistic, and actually works.


More importantly – you won’t sound like a robot and break rapport.


If you’d like to learn more about the sales structure, you can enrol for our 7 day sales challenge here.



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