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Joshua Cunningham

"This is easily a $1000 course for under $50"

I've already received double the value for my money. And I haven't even hit module 3 yet. If you are in sales... Newsflash, everyone is :) This course will give you the understanding you need to help any potential client go from associating your product/service with pain to "I want what your offering". I highly recommend this course.

Jake Rutledge

"Huge value in this course!"

Huge amount of value without all the B.S. you find in regular sales training. It's straight to the point and gives you the playbook on the world of sales for you to then grow further in and add your unique flavour. The course is very well laid out in its thought process and ideas. It's the blueprint you need if you are pursuing any sales! This is the sales cheat code.

sales training testimonial

Luke Dent

"The best sales training I've ever had"

I've been in the real estate industry for over 15 years, and have spent hundreds of hours, and thousands in investment on sales training. This course easily blows them away. 

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The 5% Institute - Online Sales Training Experts

The 5% Institute endeavours to create the best online sales training courses for Sales Professionals and Business Owners, because we know that sales knowledge can dramatically change your business and life. 

Our valued Students and Clients have told us that our programs are the best online sales training courses they have taken - and we continue to strive towards the best standard in the industry. 

The 5% Institute and our online sales training programs have been featured in many well respected publications, due to their positive impact on Sales Professionals and Business Owners alike.  

To learn more about our flagship online sales training course, The 5% Sales Blueprint, click here for more details.

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