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The 5% InstituteTestimonials & Praise

Sales Professionals and Business Owners around the world have invested in The 5% Sales Blueprint; either in our face to face workshops, business and sales workshops, or our online sales training program.


Below are a number of testimonial videos, from people within different backgrounds, industries, and even countries.


Learn why The 5% Sales Blueprint may be perfect for you.



The 5% Sales Blueprint – Testimonials & Praise




The 5% Sales Blueprint™ is a revolutionary program, which has been created and perfected to take away all the hard work, guessing and hoping. 


This means you will have an easy to implement that’ll help you close more sales, and serve more people. 


It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any sales skills or any previous business experience. 


Everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program, and available at your fingertips whenever you sign in.


The 5% Sales Blueprint is successfully used across various countries, industries, and with people from very different backgrounds and levels of experience. 


Until now, people paid $3997 to access this training because it was only available live. Now you get the opportunity to access the exact same training online, and for a fraction of the investment.


Learn more about the last sales training you’ll need, below. 


The 5% Sales Blueprint

Find out why people are investing in The 5% Sales Blueprint, our flagship online sales training program - and how it can help you consistently close more sales too.