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Our mission is to empower and serve One Million Entrepreneurs - To join the 5% of people living with Purpose
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The 5% Institute – Our Mission


The 5% Institute’s mission is to show Sales Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners exactly how to sell and close sales, both consistently and ethically – without having to spend hundreds or thousands on high quality sales training needs.


Most high quality sales training programs are only available for the large companies that can afford it, leaving the vast majority of Sales Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners with no access to these resources.


We’ve decided to change the rules.


Sales training can make the difference between a a business or Sales Professional remaining in the status quo – or from thriving and becoming absolutely life changing.


Our mission is to give you the exact sales knowledge you need to to take your life to the next level – without charging you “the guru price tag”.



About Our Online Sales Training



Our online sales training course, The 5% Sales Blueprint is our flagship program, and has been well received as an asset and investment by Sales Professionals, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs from various industries all over the world.


We teach a simple yet highly effective step by step sales process to help you win more clients consistently, in a consultative non-salesy manner.


You can learn more about our affordable online sales training program by clicking the link below:


The 5% Sales Blueprint: Our Premium Online Sales Training Course



About Khabeer Rockley



Khabeer Rockley is a Speaker, Sales and Marketing Strategy Coach, and Founder of The 5% Institute; a company dedicated to helping sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners get more leads, and win more sales.


Before dedicating his work full time to coaching and training, Khabeer owned and ran several businesses; ranging from high-level event management and marketing, to retail and digital.


Khabeer also has vast experience previously working as a Senior Manager for an international property conglomerate, and also in the Higher Education space.


The creator of ‘The 5% Sales Blueprint ™’ sales system, Khabeer now devotes his time to helping and serving other driven business owners and aspiring sales professionals to make more income, and have a greater impact.

We believe that every Business Owner and Sales Professional has the opportunity to make a greater impact.

We have crafted a world class, digitally drip fed transformational course, that'll give you all the tools you need to thrive in sales, and maximize your income. Simply click below to find out more.