How To Overcome The Two Main Sales Objections

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How To Overcome The Two Main Sales Objections

Overcome sales objections; if only you had a guide, right?


Today I want to share with you something that when implemented; will massively scale up your sales.


In fact – just by practising and executing this, will do your sales conversations absolute wonders.


This is just one of the principles I teach, that separates me from the other Sales Trainers out there.


You see – most Sales Trainers teach you to find your audience, build rapport, present, overcome objections, and come in with the close.


You know – the ‘hardcore closer types’ or ‘always be closing’ crew.


It’s like a bro-sales culture.






Instead, I want to share with you a simple, elegant, non-salesy technique that my students and I use, that maintains rapport, doesn’t position you as desperate, and helps you get the sale.


And best of all – when practiced, will only take you two minutes to do.


Now firstly I want you to remember – this is a guide.


Don’t follow this exactly like a script. No one likes a robot. It’s unnatural, and will make you feel squeamish.


Instead, follow the principles here, and make it yours.


So what you want to do, is within two minutes of starting this dialogue, is overcome two major objections, and position yourself as a Specialist.


I call this process The Pre-Frame.


And it has won me thousands and thousands in new business.


Sounds cool huh?


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How To Overcome Two Main Sales Objections In Two Minutes!



Step 1) Build rapport, basic conversation but don’t drift off too long and start pitching yourself or your product. To do this correctly, it’ll be an entirely different subject altogether so let’s pretend you know how to do this. 

For context, Me = Sales Professional.


Kevin = Potential Client

Step 2) Position yourself as a specialist, and get permission for deep diving questions (needed later for countering every other objection).


Me- “So Kevin, thanks again for wanting to chat about *insert product or service*. So the way this generally works, is I’m going to ask you a lot of questions, and the reason why is because I don’t want to just pitch you like other businesses generally do; but instead, I really want to understand what it is in fact that you’re looking for, and whether I can in fact serve you – is that cool?”


Kevin- “Sure”

Me- “Great. So I’ll be asking a few deep diving questions, so I can make sure I can in fact actually help you – if I can, awesome, I’ll let you know. But at the same time – if I can’t help you, I’ll be letting you know too, if that’s OK with you?”


Kevin – “No problem”


PS: Kevin now feels I don’t need to close him, creating less pressure because I’m not desperate. This loosens Kevin up, because I’m not being a closing salesy douche.


Secondly, Kevin will be more open to going deeper when responding to my questions, meaning we’ll have an open and honest conversation if I maintain rapport, and we’ll overcome all other objections through the process.


Step 3) Remove the “I need to speak to my husband/ wife/ business partner objection”.

Me – “Now I haven’t asked you any real questions yet so I don’t know whether we’re gonna be the right fit, but let’s pretend you find out we are and you love what you see. Is there anyone else who will need to be involved if you wanted to proceed? Not saying obviously you’re gonna invest as we still gotta find that out, but if you did – who else would need to be involved before you could move forward?”


Kevin – “Nope, just me, I can do it on my own” (if this is your answer, you’re good to keep moving forward and Kevin can’t later say I gotta talk to my husband/ wife/ business partner/ dog about it. He just confirmed he’s the decision maker.




Kevin “Yep I’ll need to speak to my girlfriend/ business partner/ wife about it.”

Me – OK No problem; do you think we can schedule a time when we can all chat – maybe tonight or perhaps tomorrow?


(Do not, and I repeat – I do not proceed without the decision makers in 99% of my sales conversations. Kill this objection up front, so you lead the sales conversation. Not Kevin on his own later, when you’re not present.)


Step 4) Remove the “I need to think about it” objection. 

Me – “Awesome Kevin. Now what usually happens is if we work out that we can compliment each other, I’ll let you know and we’ll go from there. However sometimes what can happen, is people occasionally don’t really want to proceed, and because they’re scared of offending me, they say they want to think about it. But really they mean no. Although most say yes – I’m just letting you know that if you’re not cool with my *insert product or service*, that is more than completely OK and you won’t offend me. Is that cool?”


People don’t expect this. Me not dying for ‘the close’ disarms people and positions you differently from the desperate competition. 

Kevin – “*light laugh*, Yeah no problem I’ll definitely let you know” .


PS: The aim here at the end is get a yes or no.


No maybe. 


Maybe creates uncertainty for you and the potential client, and prevents a truthful conversation. What we want is the truth, and we want to have an honest, transparent conversation.


It’ll be difficult for the potential client to say I need to think about it later, when they just agreed to let you know and be open. Now we’re being honest and real, and we have permission to do so.


This dialogue is obviously an example, and please don’t repeat it step by step scripted. Understand the fundamentals of what is being done here, embody it, and more importantly – action it and make it yours.



Overcome sales objections by doing this next



Now – does this remove all objections?



However – we’ve just sidelined two major objections, and you’ve positioned yourself as someone who wants to find the truth, rather than coming in with the close or sale in mind.


Less friction = more sales.


Positioning yourself as a specialist = less of a commodity.

As mentioned, this when practiced takes around two minutes.


That’s it.


Now let me ask you a quick question:


If this is what you can do within two minutes, imagine what you’d learn if you learnt my whole program?


I mentioned rapport in the start of this post.


Yes – you do need to learn it to make this work.


And then – you need to learn my step by step system, so just like above; you can overcome sales objections before you actually ask for the sale.


There are objections about money.


Sometimes it’s objections about change.


Objections about desire, and of course trust.


Knowing how to present correctly, and ask for the sale easily that it’s almost expected.


And of course – ensuring they’ve already sold themselves before you even have to ask.


How much easier would your job be if you knew how to do this?


Instead of all the other ‘wait till the end and then handle and close’.


That’s hard work. 


It’s a lot easier once you learn how to help them sell themselves, rather than you being the one doing it.


That’s why I teach the way I do.


We want to be the guide.


The trusted adviser.


I’ve also got some awesome bonuses included.


One that teaches you how to use LinkedIn and get leads for free.


Yep, you read that right. I mention a program you use that uncovers emails, and then I give you the exact template to use to reach out.


Another bonus teaches you step by step how to build your own inbound marketing system.


So you’ll know how to get leads coming in, and how to reach out without positioning yourself as another salesy commodity.


Then of course – how to sell over the phone, in the case this is something you need to do.


You can learn more about The 5% Sales Blueprint here. 


By clicking you’ll see other Student videos and testimonials there that have also put this stuff into practice, and are now having incredible results.


You’ll also notice I have a 30 day money back guarantee.


I want you to be completely happy with the program – so there’s literally zero risk.




Your results matter – and that’s all that matters.


Again – you can learn more about it here and see the results for yourself.

Khabeer Rockley

Khabeer Rockley is a Sales & Business Trainer, and the Founder of The 5% Institute

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