“I’m already working with someone else” – The Response

The 5% InstituteHandling Sales Objections “I’m already working with someone else” – The Response
I’m already working with someone else

“I’m already working with someone else” – The Response

A common question I regularly am asked is what you should say when your potential client tells you, “I’m already working with someone else…”


If you’re not sure what to do here, this can easily derail the conversation – and perhaps the opportunity to help your potential client with your awesome product or solution.


So let’s break it down step by step:



What to say, when they say “I’m already working with someone else…”



Step 1) What you want to do first, is break any friction.



There’s absolutely no problem that they’re working with someone else, and it is more than OK to let them know that. So all you do here, is let them know that it’s no problem, and in fact common.



Step 2) Find out what they like about working with whom they currently work with.



Now this may seem weird and unorthodox, but what you want to do here is two things.


Firstly, you want to find out what they like about working with them, so you can learn what your presentation will need to also have later when you present. They’ll give you some important gems, as long as you listen effectively.


Secondly, because you’re not fighting them on why they should work with you, this increases trust and rapport, and removes sales resistance and friction.



Step 3) Find out what the person/ company they’re currently working with, could do better.



This one is a no-brainer. Because they’ve already opened up what they like, they’ll also be more open to discussing what they could do better as well. Again for this to work, you want to keep quiet, and really effectively listen. Again just like step 2, they’ll give you heaps of gems of what you need to do to bridge the gap.



Step 4) Bridge the gap.



Find out if they would be interested in learning more about you and your company, if they can deliver on what they currently like about their current supplier, and if you could fix the things they don’t like about their current supplier.


If they say yes, then don’t move into your sales pitch. Just continue with your sales process (you should have one if you want to take your sales to the next level).


If they say no, then no problem – you just saved yourself time on pitching to someone who isn’t interested.



I’m Already Working With Someone Else – Final Thoughts



The I’m already working with someone else sales objection is common; however by using this simple framework, you should be able to handle it with ease.


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