5 X Closing Questions To Win More Sales

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5 X Closing Questions To Win More Sales

Closing questions are a widely searched topic within the world of sales. As you read various articles, you’ll find that there is quite a variance of styles that people use and teach.


In this article, we’ll be covering the five types of closing questions to use with your potential clients, but before we do; it’s important to know the context in which to use them so that you can use them successfully.



Prior To Using Your Closing Sales Questions



Before you use your closing questions that we’ll detail in a moment, it’s absolutely crucial to know that the sale is won way before you even ask for their business.


If you miss key details in your sales process (or don’t even have one), your chances of winning the sale will be slim to none.


In case you’re not familiar with our successful sales formula known as The 5% Sales Blueprint; we’ve detailed below the required steps prior to asking for the sale.



The Sales Process To Use Before Your Closing Questions



The following is a very simple breakdown of the steps involved in our sales process. These are:


  • Setting pre-frames
  • Asking open-ended questions to learn their pain, and desires
  • Talking about money
  • Presenting your offer, service or solution
  • Handling objections


Once these are covered in detail, you now have permission to ask for the sale.


To learn more about each of these steps in detail, visit our two articles below.




5 X Closing Questions To Win More Sales



Now let’s cover in more detail the types of closing questions you can use to have more success with your sales conversations.


“Would you like my help with this/ insert fixing problem?”


This is the first question because not only is it my favourite, but it works an absolute treat. After you’ve broken down how each of your products features and benefits solve each of their pain points and problems, simply ask if they’d like your help in making it happen.


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“If we could find a way to deal with your *insert area of concern*, would you be happy to proceed?”


This closing question is a great one, because not only does it ask for the sale without being overly pushy, but it also opens up further dialogue in the case that the objection they have raised is in fact their actual area of concern.


If they say yes – then great, work through the area of concern.


If they say no, find out what underlying problems are causing them from proceeding.



“Based on your feedback and our solutions to your issues, it looks like our *insert your product or solution* is the right fit for *insert their company*. Would you agree/ what do you think?”


The type of closing question we’re using here, is an opportunity for them to further help them sell themselves rather than you do the selling. If they say yes, then you’ve assisted them in making a buying decision. If no, then great – we revisit their areas of concern.



“Would you agree that it’s worth giving us a try, to solve your *insert their problems and pain points*?”


This closing question is designed to ask for the sale, without them feeling like they’re making a massive commitment which they can’t escape from later down the track. This way, it helps alleviate any potential flight or fight emotions, and for them to feel comfortable in making a buying decision.



“What happens next?”


If you’ve followed The 5% Sales Blueprint sales process, asking for what happens next should be an easy sale. The reason is you’ve extracted their pain points, genuinely connected on an emotional level, and displayed how your product or service alleviates the issues they’re facing during your presentation.


What happens next puts them in the driver’s seat, in which you can gently steer them along towards the sale.



Final Thoughts


Using old school, pushy and hard sales tactics will make your potential client run in the direction of your competitor. There’s no place for them in today’s landscape, and you’re much better off using more gentle, consultative questions when asking for the sale.


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Lastly – if you want to learn how to put this into practice, you can register for our 7 day sales challenge here.



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