How To Close More Sales – A Step By Step Guide

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how to close more sales

How To Close More Sales – A Step By Step Guide

As a Sales Trainer, the number one question I am asked is how to close more sales.


Just like the diet pill extravaganza that we see on infomercials, people have been lead to believe that there is a quick fix to close the deal.


Sorry to break it to you – but there isn’t.


There are ways in which you can dramatically increase your chances to close more sales, and that is what we will look at in this article.


But I won’t be telling you its 100% full proof, because it isn’t. Instead, I’ll just give you what’s working for me, and what’s working for my students.



How to close more sales – a step-by-step guide



Know your numbers



Do you know how many leads you need to close the sales required? If you don’t know your numbers, this will be your first step you need to concentrate on.


Put together a set of KPI’s and metrics to measure how many people you’ll need to speak to, to convert the amount of sales required.


Your metrics may include how many leads you need to receive, how many you need to speak to, how many sales required for profit, and much more.



Concentrate on lead generation



The second step if you are serious about knowing how to close more sales is making sure you have a healthy pipeline of potential leads to contact. By lead generation, you can use inbound marketing efforts and outbound marketing strategies.


Inbound marketing is the process of putting in place systems, so that leads come to you. To do this, you’ll generally need a blog (like this one), and put together sales funnels, online advertising, landing pages, capture forms and a system to contact; or sell to those leads.


Outbound marketing is proactive outreach, which you can do in person, cold calling or by email.


Depending on your business type, you may use both, or lean more towards one or the other.


Lead generation is important though, because the more healthy your pipeline, the less desperate you will be to close sales.


The less desperate you are, the more relaxed you will be in sales meetings, meaning you can concentrate more on serving your potential clients’ needs and asking quality questions, rather than thinking about your own quota.



Not all clients are equal



As we mention in this article, not all clients are of the same quality.


Some clients are a pleasure to serve; where other just make like really difficult. Once you have a healthy lead pipeline, you’ll have a better chance of being able to say no more often, if the potential client isn’t the right fit.


Some clients will be worth your businesses time and money, where others may not be profitable. Do a bit of research up front if able, so you can make sure you’re attracting and speaking to potentially high quality clients.


This will also increase your closing rate.



Use a pre-frame



One of the things we teach our students at The 5% Institute, is to use a pre-frame when speaking with potential clients. A pre-frame is the initial foundation you’ll layout with your potential client, prior to going into the depths’ of your sales process.


The pre-frame also helps you overcome two major objections up front – which is ensuring the right people are present at the meeting (preventing the I need to speak with objection), and also the ‘I need to think about’ objection.


To learn how to setup a pre-frame, check out the article here which goes into more detail.



Stop selling features and benefits



One of the most common mistakes Business Owners and Sales Professionals make, is that they sell features and benefits, and present way too prematurely.


You have no right – and I mean no right to present your offer or solution if you don’t know how you can actually serve that person.


Imagine a Doctor prescribing something to a patient without actually knowing what issues they have?


Or can you imagine a Doctor showing you a presentation of what medicine they have, prior to knowing your symptoms or potential causes for pain and displeasure?


It’ll be madness.


Yet – people somehow do this every day in the world of sales.


Don’t sell features and benefits.


Learn what it is they actually need solved, and find the meaning behind why. We’ve written an article here about it in more detail.



Follow a sales process



The most important thing you can learn if you want to learn how to close more sales, is to follow a sales system.


A sales system, is a step by step process you can follow that gives both you and your potential client certainty, and allows you to get consistent positive results.


If you’re not following a sales system, you’ll be winging it every time you liaise with a potential client.


If you’re winging it – your results will be random and inconsistent.


By following a consistent sales system, you’ll dramatically increase the opportunity to close more clients.


I hope this guide has been helpful in learning what to focus on, and helping you see how to close more sales.


If you have any questions, feel free to add them into the comments.



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Khabeer Rockley

Khabeer Rockley is a Sales & Business Trainer, and the Founder of The 5% Institute

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