8 Sales Meeting Ideas Worth Doing With Your Staff

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8 Sales Meeting Ideas Worth Doing With Your Staff

Looking for sales meeting ideas can be quite daunting at times; because you want your sales meetings do be valuable and insightful, rather just another meeting your sales staff need to attend.


Below is a list of eight sales meeting ideas that are worth doing to help you with this task.



8 Sales Meeting Ideas Worth Doing With Your Staff



Product knowledge is a key idea for sales meetings



Product knowledge is important, because you’re eventually going to have to present your product or service to your potential client. Without knowing all the ins and outs of how your product or service works, how will you know how to bridge the gap from where they currently are, to where they need to be?


When discovering your product or services features and benefits, don’t just focus on the logical; more importantly, look into what it’ll mean once they own those features and benefits.



Competitor discussions



What products and services are your competitors selling, and how does it differentiate from yours?


Do you have an opportunity to create a USP, or Unique Selling proposition?


Another discussion to have here is what else is competing for your business? What distractions or external hurdles are stopping people from buying? To learn more about the two types of competition in business, click here.



Prospecting ideas



What is currently working with your prospecting efforts? Do you need to learn more about inbound marketing, or perhaps your outbound lead generation activities?


This is also an opportunity to trial and test new potential lead generation software, and then you can re-coup in another meeting later on down the track to discuss what worked and what didn’t with the product.



What’s working and what’s not



This one is important, because it creates a transparent environment for staff to openly discuss what’s working and what’s not.


Your staff have day-to-day knowledge about things that may be hindering the sales process; whether it may be procurement, finance, excess paperwork, lead quality or training needs.


For this to work though – sales management needs to be open and mature enough to have an open conversation, so that staff feel comfortable enough to discuss this without feeling like they may get targeted or penalised for their opinions.


It’s also important to set boundaries around the conversation, so that it doesn’t become a pointless whinging session.


Having this discussion correctly can be very beneficial for staff and management when done correctly.






A regular sit down with staff to learn about their individual needs can be very rewarding.


Not only does it allow management to learn more about the person behind the role, but it also builds a bond and trust between individual sales rep and the manager, because they can reveal intimate goals and outcomes they want to achieve, and what that will mean for them.


By having a discussion about this, it also aligns staff to focus on their own goals and why they want to achieve them in the first place, rather than just going through the day to day motions of what’s required.


To help you with this sales meeting tip, check out our step-by-step motivation guide here.



Objection handling are a great sales meeting idea



Another common and effective sales meeting idea is role-play; primarily around objection handling. The more you focus on the steps of breaking down objections and where they come from, the more your staff will feel comfortable doing business when they come across them from your potential clients.


We have a step-by-step guide for you here to help you overcome sales objections. Check it out here.



KPI’s & Metrics



What get’s measured, get’s done.


If we don’t know our numbers, it’s going to be very difficult to know what we need to focus on to get ahead in our business.


Being transparent with staff about their numbers and targets is very important, as it gives them a road map on what they need to focus on, rather than just subconsciously winging it.


To help you with this sales meeting idea, check out our metrics article here for a bigger breakdown.



Sales psychology



People buy for two reasons. They want to remove pain and move towards pleasure.


What pain will be removed when people own your product or service?


If they buy, what will it mean and what positive outcomes will it get them?


For this task, keep the answers emotional, as people buy emotionally and justify with logic.



Sales Meeting Ideas – Final Thoughts



This list should give you a good foundation of the key topics and sales meeting ideas.


Finally, it’s important to keep your sales meetings on topic, and short and sweet.


Long meetings can be draining, and take away the purpose of what you’re trying to achieve.


Assigning a different leader each time can also be fruitful; as it helps develop leadership, and encourages transparency.


Any other tips?


Share them in the comments below.



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