How To Get Motivated For Sales – A Step By Step Guide

The 5% InstituteMotivation How To Get Motivated For Sales – A Step By Step Guide

How To Get Motivated For Sales – A Step By Step Guide

A common question Sales Professionals and Business Owners may ask themselves is how do you get motivated for sales?


It may seem like an easy to ask question, but if you’re not getting the results you desire consistently – day in and day out, it can be very deflating and you can lose your motivation to want to continue.


Follow along as we uncover in this article the step by step process on how to get motivated for sales.



How To Get Motivated For Sales



Ask yourself why?



This is a strange question to start with, but proves to be the most effective and powerful you can ask.


Say you want to make multiple six figures this year?


Ask yourself why?


Is it for your children?


If it’s for your children, what does that mean?


Perhaps it will mean good schooling, never being without money to buy them small things or take them out to experience things you never had the opportunity to have as a child.


It could be because it means you will pay off your mortgage faster, which means more security and something to give away one day and create more certainty and security for your family.


So start with why, as Simon Sinek would say.


Prior to moving forward, get clear on this as your first step on how to get motivated for sales.



Get transparent with the meaning



All human being ascribe meaning to things. As I teach about in The 5% Sales Blueprint, all human beings are meaning making machines.


This means whatever happens to us, and all around us; we always give things a meaning as to why they happen. It’s how human beings make sense of the world.


Once you understand your why, you can now understand what it will mean once you achieve it. Getting clarity on this meaning is crucial, because this allows you to get to the core truth of what it is that you want to achieve.


Nobody wants a flashy car – they want what it will mean once they own it. Will it mean people will treat them with more respect?


Perhaps it will mean they will get more business, because people will think that you’re successful, and that may mean you can help them become successful too.


Getting clarity on the meaning as mentioned, is crucial because it will teach you what it is in fact that you want to achieve.


This is your second step on how to get motivated for sales.



Set goals and outcomes



Now once you actually know what it is that you want, you can actually set the goals and outcomes that you want to achieve. It’s no longer six figures per year, but financial security for my family.


Financial security for your family may mean you need to make six figures per year, but now the six figures has a purpose. Even when your motivation is waning; because the feeling of wanting to be successful for your family is strong, it’ll carry you through and you’ll persevere.


When setting goals, remember to start with the outcome, and then break down the KPI’s and Metrics needed to get to that outcome.


Once you get clear with this, you’ll have a road map of what you need to do to make this happen. The important part is also maintaining the discipline to achieve and follow your road map.


This is your step three on how to get motivated for sales.


As Henry Hoe, E-Commerce Expert and Trainer mentions in this article, doing all of the above can have some great compounding effects on your outcome.



Get the right training



People don’t have a money or goal problem – they have a problem with not knowing how to get there.


By getting the right training from the start, you can learn exactly step by step what you need to implement to make your goals happen, and stay motivated for sales.


Without knowing what to do, you may have a nice looking road map, but you’re going to consistency become stuck because you don’t have mentor-ship or training on how to reach those goals.


Make sure you get the right training to make your goals happen, and make more sales.


And most importantly – get clear on your why, and the meaning behind your why.


Simply follow this guide, and you’ll be well underway in staying motivated!



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