Do You Need An Online Sales Training Program – Find Out Here

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online sales training program

Do You Need An Online Sales Training Program – Find Out Here

A question many Businesses and Sales Managers will ask, is do you need an online sales training program?


And the reason they ask this training is, that it comes with different opportunities to traditional in house sales training.


Let’s explore it in more detail.



Do You Need Online Sales Training Program?



What is an online sales training program?


An online sales training program comes in many forms.


Sometimes it can be drip fed content.


Other training may be small bite-sized pieced content for you and your team, or it can be also be long form video training that also comes with a follow along book to implement and practice.


Other businesses do their training live via video format, and some with pre-recorded content.



What should good online sales training entail?



A good online sales training program should entail a number of key ingredients, to ensure it is useful, effective and implementable.


First, it should be evergreen. This means that it does not matter when you watch the material, whether it be now or in a year’s time, the content should still be relevant.


This would ensure your sales training becomes an asset you can use repeatedly.


Secondly, it should come with an implementable guide. Although the training may be virtual or pre-recorded, it is important to ensure those watching the online sales training can take actionable steps in practicing what they learn, and record their learnings in a workbook or online.


By taking action and being involved, there will be a higher chance that the participants will remember what they learn.



A good online sales training program should also be process driven



Good training should have a step-by-step system that participants can follow, to be able to get a consistent outcome.


People buy sales training because they want to be able to replicate the positive results that they learn.


If the sales training is a step-by-step process, it makes it a low easier for students to be able to learn and get good results, because they have a framework and road map they can use, rather than just random training they can get off the internet.


By having a process, it also allows students to see clearly which step they need to improve on, so they can focus their effort and energy there.


This makes Business Owners and Sales Professionals more efficient.



It should be mobile



Not many online sales training programs are truly mobile. Mobile means that students have the opportunity to be able to learn on their tablet, mobile phones or any desktop even if they are travelling.



It should encompass the entire sales ecosystem



Quality training should encompass the entire sales ecosystem.


It should cover motivation, goal setting and metrics.


Sales psychology is also important, and should be an active ingredient.


And of course, everything from questions, to handling objections, presenting and asking for the sale.



Why you should invest in online sales training.



With the right training, you and your staff will learn the step by step systems to be consistent in winning more sales.


Instead of winging it, it’s important to learn a process so that you can analyse, and implement each module to drive you closer towards the sale, and making a bigger impact.


If you would like to discover a bit more about our online sales training programs, check out our online sales training program here.

Khabeer Rockley

Khabeer Rockley is a Sales & Business Trainer, and the Founder of The 5% Institute

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