Sales Leadership – How To Be A Great Sales Leader

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Sales Leadership – How To Be A Great Sales Leader

Sales leadership is a crucial, yet often ignored topic.


Some people say great leaders are born, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.


Great leaders – especially relating to sales leadership (or how to be a great sales leader); comes from training, and being taught through learning and experience.


To assist you with your sales leadership role; or helping you or someone else become a better leader, we have compiled an actionable list to help you below.



Sales Leadership – How To Be A Great Sales Leader



How you do anything – is how you’ll do everything



Leaders need to lead by example, and do – not just tell. If you want your employees or team members to carry out what needs to be done, they need to believe in a leader who is willing to do what it takes, and walks the walk as well; not just talk the talk.


By giving orders and not actually leading by example, you hurt morale and motivation, and lose any credibility as a leader. By setting the tone, your employees or team members will walk in your footsteps.



Don’t micromanage



A common trait employees and sales professionals despise among many bosses and sales leaders, is when they micromanage.


Nothing destroys trust and sales leadership like micromanaging.


Micromanaging is when leaders don’t allow their employees the space to do their own work, or allow them to be creative to get the required outcome within their own terms. Of course there are guidelines and legal rules to follow, but its important to give your staff the space to be freely creative, as long as they’re not breaking any rules.


This allows people to feel like individuals, yet still be a part of a group and contribute to the team.


Don’t mistake accountability with micromanagement – they’re very different. Hold your team accountable with KPI’s and metrics, but give them the space they need to get on with the job.



Clearly communicate



Similar to the above mentioned metrics and KPI’s, staff should know exactly what needs to be done to know they’ve achieved their quota or positive outcome.


A lot of poor sales leadership comes from ineffective communication; meaning the leader hasn’t clearly defined exactly what it is they want employees to achieve, and give them the guidelines and training to achieve it.


Be very clear with your communication, be clear with yours and their goals, and ensure you communicate often. A weekly huddle or briefing is sufficient.



Keep improving and enhance your skill set



Good leaders know they don’t know everything, and their staff know it too.


And that’s completely OK; we’re all human, and being comfortable with this is the trait of a confident and secure leader.


Improving your sales knowledge with regular sales training, listening to related podcasts and audio books, and passing this information on to your staff will massively increase your sales leadership.


Your employees or staff will recognise this, and appreciate the efforts because it shows that you care about their future.


Do you have any other tips?


Feel free to share them in the comments below.



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