3 Ways to Increase Your Sales As An Account Manager

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3 Ways to Increase Your Sales As An Account Manager

An Account Manager can be a tough job at the best of times – especially if you want to increase your sales. With so many different responsibilities, it’s important to know where to focus the majority of your time to ensure you stay effective, and don’t end up burning out with priorities all over the place.


So where do you start?


Below are three quick ways to increase your sales as an Account Manager.



3 Ways to Increase Your Sales As An Account Manager



Have clear KPI’s and Metrics



I can’t stress enough how important it is to have clear outcomes outlined; whether within a KPI document, or some kind of outcome tracking software/ CRM.


As I mention in this article, if you don’t have your metrics clearly written out, it’ll be easy to become demoralised, and lose focus on what’s important.


Keeping yourself in check with measurable KPI’s will ensure you know exactly how many sales you need to make, or what relationships you need to keep in check.


You can then reverse engineer the process, by measuring how many leads you need, how many leads to get in contact with, and how many sit downs and conversations you need to make the required sales for your company or personal business.


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Meet with the right stakeholders



A common issue for Account Manager’s, is calling on a business (either phone or email), and assuming that the person they are put in touch with is the key decision maker.


This can waste a lot of time, because you can end up finding out much later on down the track, that the person you’ve met with can’t make financial decisions for the company, or isn’t the right person to speak to you about their business’s struggles or goals.


Ensure you find out who the key stakeholders are before having any serious, time invested meetings. This way you can ensure the right people are there to be speaking with you to make an actual decision and you aren’t wasting time speaking with people who have no influence in the decision making process.


This will also prevent potential objections from coming up, like the “I need to speak with…” objection.


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Use Consultative Selling Strategies



This is one of the most important things you can learn to be a successful Account Manager.


Long gone are the days of the spray and prey’ approach of selling, where you sit down with a potential client, present your products and services, hope for the features and benefits to wow them, and then ask for the sale.


Instead, a much more efficient approach would be using a consistent system which allows you to find out why you’re meeting with them, what their struggles and pains are, where they want to go and want to achieve, what’s stopped them from getting there before, and much more.


This way, you converse with them in back and forth dialogue rather than the usual, out dated pitch approach, and position yourself as a specialist diagnosing problems, rather than just another sales person trying to make a quick sale.



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