Selling Features and Benefits – Why This Is Costing You Sales

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Selling Features and Benefits – Why This Is Costing You Sales

If you regularly read sales blogs, watch sales videos or perhaps have undertaken sales training and courses, a famous learning you would have come across is selling features and benefits.


Usually – Sales Professionals will meet with a potential client, and then present their product or service, selling features and benefits of the product, hoping something will stick.


Once they find what sticks, or as the old school, sales types like to call it – Hot Buttons; then they go in deep on that potential desired area.


This sales tactic though is not a sure fire way to get consistent results.


Instead, I’ll outline below what you should be doing instead.



Selling Features And Benefits – Do This Instead



Learn about their situation



The first thing you should be doing when you meet with a potential client, and learning about why you’re there in the first place. Of course, even prior to this you should be ensuring that you’re meeting with the right people to begin with (as we teach in The 5% Sales Blueprint).


By meeting with the right people, and then learning about why you’re there in the first place, you’ll have the opportunity to find out what their pain points are, where they’re trying to get to and their desired outcome and result, and it’ll open up the forum to discuss this in more detail.



Don’t just find their pain points – go deeper



A lot of sales training will teach you to find the pain points of what they’re currently facing, and then see if you can overcome the pain with your features and benefits.


Instead, you need to learn the concept of meaning.


What does it mean that they have those pain points?


If I focus on selling my features and benefits now, I’m staying on the surface, and I’m not digging deep enough to find the actual meaning they have ascribed to the actual pain points they have spoken about.


If someone is looking for a new property, why are they looking for a new property?


Is it to live closer to work?


Many Real Estate Sales Professionals will go into sell mode right here, and try to discuss the features and benefits of potential houses they have listed that can solve the mentioned pain.


Instead, find out what does it mean that they have to travel far every day to get to and from work.


Does it mean less time with their children?


Perhaps it means they can’t have a hobby, because they’re spending so much time driving all the time?


By finding out the meaning, you can find the true impact of the actual pain they’ve discussed.



Sell the meaning



Once you understand their actual pain points, and more importantly – the meaning they’ve attributed to the pain points, you now have a foundation to be able to potentially present a solution for them (if you have one that is).


Instead of focusing on the features and benefits, you can now explain what it will mean if they buy, and how it solves their problem and pain points they’ve previous discussed.


Sell the meaning – not the features and benefits.



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Khabeer Rockley is a Sales & Business Trainer, and the Founder of The 5% Institute

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