Discipline In Sales – Why It Is So Important

The 5% InstituteMotivation Discipline In Sales – Why It Is So Important

Discipline In Sales – Why It Is So Important

One of the most important factors for a Sales Professional or Business Owner; and probably in-fact the most important factor of them all, is being able to be consistent in achieving your specific goals and outcomes.


Discipline in sales.


An often overlooked, yet very important ingredient if you want to be successful in this game of selling.


Let’s break this down into two categories, so I can help you and your team towards discipline in sales.



Why Is There Sometimes A Lack Of Discipline In Sales



One of the common reasons I find why there is a lack of discipline in sales, is because the Sales Professional or Business Owner doesn’t know what winning means.


What does it mean to win and hit your goal?


How do you measure your outcome, and how would you know if you’re achieving it or not?


If you don’t have metrics and KPI’s, you can’t expect to understand what it is you and your team want to achieve. What this does, is it creates a whole raft of issues because no person knows what it is they need to focus on, which creates stagnation.


One of the issues firstly, is it demoralises your team and the individual behind the business. Because they can’t clearly identify when they’re kicking goals and winning, there’s a constant feeling of fighting an uphill battle.


By putting in KPI’s and Metrics, you can see if you’ve clearly achieved what you set out to achieve or not. It’s crystal clear, which increases morale.


Secondly, without having clear outcomes and goals you can’t reverse engineer what needs to happen to get there and win. Again, this causes stagnation and a lack of discipline in sales.


Thirdly, of course, Sales Professionals need training on how to achieve their goals in selling. If they don’t know exactly how to achieve it, they may procrastinate which again leads to a lack of discipline in sales.


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How To Increase Discipline In Sales



As above, the way you can increase discipline within your teams and business, are as below:



Hire well, and hire right



Make sure you’re hiring based on people’s behaviour, and not just on their credentials and experience. If someone lacks discipline in their lives, they’re going to potentially bring this into your business too.



Create metrics and KPI’s



Without know what it is to win, there will be no winning. As mentioned, this will affect morale, and hinder performance. Clearly create outcomes and goals, and track these depending on the type of metric. Depending on the task, these may be daily, weekly, monthly and annually.



Regular training



It’s all well and good if people know what they need to achieve, but it’s not going to help if they don’t know how to get there. Ensure your team undergoes regular training. To help them achieve their goals.


If you’re interested in how we can potentially help your sales team, check out our 7 day sales challenge here.



Have consistent hobbies



You may not have expected this one, but I can’t tell you enough how having consistent hobbies in my life has created an iron will of discipline in my life. I regularly train Muay Thai a number of times a week, as well as weightlifting and running my dog.


If it’s cold – I still train.


Even if it’s raining, I still train and do by hobbies.


When driving, I consistently listen to audio books or podcasts related to my business and niche.


The reasons being, is all this builds up constant discipline in other areas of my life. I become wired to do things consistently, even when it becomes hard.


If you follow each of these areas above, you’ll be well on your way to creating more discipline in sales.



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