The “I need to speak to” Objection – How To Handle It

The 5% InstituteHandling Sales Objections The “I need to speak to” Objection – How To Handle It

The “I need to speak to” Objection – How To Handle It

“I need to speak to my partner about this first, and I’ll get back to you”…

This is a very common objection that a lot of my Students tell me they have issues with.

Firstly, it’s a common objection so it’s something that happens regularly.

Secondly – 90% of the time there’s no call back, and they’re left wondering what happened?

Sound similar?

Maybe it even happens to someone you know really well… 😉 * wink wink*

What do you say when they come up with this objection?

Well well well!

Trick question actually!

What do I teach that many others don’t?

Don’t let this objection come up in the first place!

Read on so you can learn how:


When you’re on the phone with your potential client, attempting to book in your meeting, I want you to simply ask a question.

“*Potential client*, thanks for taking an interest in wanting to meet and discuss *insert product or service*. Now out of curiosity, is this *insert product or service* purely for yourself, or is there anyone else who will also be interested in having this conversation with us?”

If they say it’s not only for themselves but for their wife/ husband/ business partner as well, then make sure you also bring them along to your discovery process/ question session.

If they say it’s only for themselves, simple ask:

“Ok great, thanks for letting me know that. Out of curiosity, let’s pretend that you are interested in the *insert product or service*, is there anyone else you’d probably need to speak with if you wanted to make an investment?”

Once again – if they say they need to speak with their partner, ensure they bring them along.

You do not – and I repeat YOU DO NOT want them going away and selling on your behalf.

You need to do the selling.


How are they supposed to ask the right questions, and get to the deep reasons they’d wanna buy without you being there?

Bring the decision makers to the party – up front.

Putting this into practice will prevent any “I need to speak with *insert partner/ friend/ cat or dog* excuse or opportunity, and ensure you can have an open and transparent conversation with your potential client.

Leaving this out – will mean more ‘I need to speak with _______’ excuses, and more missed sales.

Put this into practice, and let me know how you go!



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