Drive Traffic To Your Business – Learn How With These 3 Ways

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how to drive traffic to your business

Drive Traffic To Your Business – Learn How With These 3 Ways

Whether you’re a Business Owner or Sales Professional, you’ll know the importance of being able to drive traffic to your website, landing page or whatever else it may be to offer value, generate leads – and also sales.


I’m going to show you below 3 ways to generate traffic to your business.


If you want to increase traffic to your business and your website, you need these three ways in your marketing mix to drive more traffic to your business.



1. Create Content.



Whether it may be blog posts, uploading videos onto YouTube, or appearing or creating your own podcast episodes, this can be a way of creating evergreen content – and traffic for your business.


When people see the value you are providing, they’ll be more inclined to either subscribe your email list, or buy your products or services.


When I speak of value – it needs to be of a calibre that’ll enhance empathy with you and your brand, as well as slowly take the potential client on a journey and the next step.


This strategy will take time and effort.


The important thing is when creating content, is to be patient and think with a long term strategy.


If you do have a business though that requires constant leads, it’s important to also follow the other strategies as they’ll work a lot quicker for your desired result.



2. Paid Traffic



Paid traffic refers to running ads on Facebook, Google, Bing, Taboola and Outbrain (and many more) to drive traffic to your business.


When buying traffic, you can either Pay Per Click, or pay based on impressions.


It’s important prior to running paid ads, that you do so with a clear strategy in mind. If you don’t, it’ll be a quick way to lose your dollars and have an outcome with little to no results.


The upside is of running paid ads, is that you can scale quickly. It also allows you to target people that’ll benefit from your product or service, and can be an efficient way of getting in front of your desired audience.



3. Re-use your owned Traffic



It surprises me how many Business Owners or Sales Professionals spend money on traffic, or have traffic coming into their business, but don’t have a clear road map on collecting this data.


This means having an opt in form, that’ll collect email addresses so you can re-target and re-send them information on further offers, new products, or provide value to drive traffic.


I recommend having a system in place that does this prior to trying to drive traffic to your website, so you can ensure you can continue re-using the same traffic over and over.



Final Thoughts to Drive Traffic To Your Business



Contrary to what you may hear, there is no ‘one-way’ solution to driving traffic to your business.


It’s important to test and try multiple ways, and work with what’s best for you, your offer and your solution.


Another way of driving consistent traffic to your business, is by creating a sales funnel.


If you’re looking at creating a sales funnel for your business, you can learn how by enrolling in The 5% Client Conversion Formula.


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Which method do you prefer to drive traffic to your business? Comment below.



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Khabeer Rockley is a Sales & Business Trainer, and the Founder of The 5% Institute

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