The “Let me think about it” rebuttal – what to exactly do and say

The 5% InstituteConsultative Selling The “Let me think about it” rebuttal – what to exactly do and say
The let me think about it objecton

The “Let me think about it” rebuttal – what to exactly do and say

One of the common objections Sales Professionals and Business Owners come across is the “Let me think about it” objection. If you’re unsure of the let me think about it rebuttal, this objection like a deer looking into the headlights – can stop you dead in your tracks.


So what do you say when given this statement?


Well, first, let’s go into a little more detail about where this response usually comes from in the first place.



The “Let me think about it” rebuttal and objection



This generally comes from the potential client feeling uneasy about something that may have been presented in the sales presentation.


It can be due to any of the following reasons:


  • Lack of rapport
  • Premature presentation
  • Not asking enough questions to find the pain points
  • You haven’t given them an offer that makes sense to what they want
  • Perhaps you haven’t demonstrated enough value about what they’ll get in return, in comparison to the price of the product or service


Most of the time, we have found that it would be due to the actual price.


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Let me think about it isn’t an objection!


Now this part may seem a little strange to most people, because they think when potential clients use this response, it’s an objection.


In fact, this is something we call a smokescreen.


A smoke screen is something used to hide an objection. So it appears like the actual objection itself, however it’s used to hide the objection because the potential client is worried about coming out directly with the truth.


This could be for many reasons, as per the dot points above.



The “Let me think about it” rebuttal



So now, let’s get to how to handle this statement.


First of all, you want to ensure you don’t challenge them in a pushy or aggressive manner. No one likes a ‘salesy’ sales person.


So what we simply say is:


Potential Client: “Let me think about it”.


You: “No problem at all. That’s completely normal”.


So what we’ve done here, is we haven’t challenged them and we’re making them feel secure that we’re not going to attack them.


Secondly, we’ve said it’s normal behaviour. We’re letting them know again, the rebuttal is completely OK. This is to help them relax and maintain rapport.


You: “Out of curiosity *insert name* -, what is it you’d like to give more thought – is it the price?”


Potential Client: “Yeah – I’m not exactly sure whether I can afford *insert product or service* at that price.”




Potential Client: “No it’s actually the *insert actual objection* I need to think about” (this may be colour, size, type, etc).


What we’ve done here, is we’ve gone past the actual smoke screen, and onto the actual objection instead.


This way we can focus on what is actually troubling the potential client, versus focusing on the thing that isn’t the problem at all – which is the smokescreen.


This is an excellent way to go about this, because we don’t want to be focusing on something else, if our potential client has a worry. We want to get to the truth, and only by getting to the truth – can we actually serve and assist our potential client.


Once you have come across the actual objection, simply follow this article to learn how to handle the actual objection.


Lastly, The 5% Institute likes to teach Sales Professionals and Business Owners to counter the main sales objections up front!


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