Key Ingredients To Get More Sales

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key ingredients to get more sales

Key Ingredients To Get More Sales

Your sales process may slightly differ depending on what you’re selling; this could be by product, price of what you’re selling, and of course – your type of preferred client and your target market.


Although we have our own unique sales process called The 5% Sales Blueprint, there are other key ingredients that you’ll need to include in yours too, no matter what you’re selling.


Below are some key ingredients for your sales process. These three should be used throughout the whole process, to ensure you maintain rapport, enhance empathy, and work to serve your potential client.



3 x Key Ingredients To Get More Sales



Know & Study Your Competition



Knowing how your competitors sell to your potential clients – whether that be through their interactions prior to the sales conversation, their products or services and the associated price points of each, and how they interact with your potential clients during and after the sales process, is a crucial ingredient for your sales process.


Understanding this allows you to work out how you can up serve your potential clients even better, and enhance the experience with yourself compared to that of your competitors.



Empathy Is Key



Emotional empathy is key in sales, and lack of it will be one of the quickest way to destroy your sales conversation. Empathy means really meeting them where they’re at, and not making any assumptions of where they are or where they want to be.


By really understanding and being present to how they need their pain points solved, you’ll really be able to better serve them.



Use Stories



For thousands and thousands of years, human beings have used stories to shape our culture, social dynamics, and build rapport and friendships (you can learn more about it here and here).


It’s no surprise then that this hasn’t changed, and if anything with the rise in instant text and social media; it’s more important now than ever to use story to connect with your potential clients.


Instead of just giving data and keeping everything very logical, tell emotional stories to connect with your clients.


Examples of storytelling can include:


  • How previous clients had similar issues, and now have solved them
  • You know of people in similar situations to what they want to achieve
  • Stories about how people are using your business to enhance their own business or livelihood
  • Also use stories about how people used your features and benefits, and then stories about how it has impacted their lives


Stories can be a very powerful tool, and one that should be used regularly.



Key Ingredients To Get More Sales – Conclusion



These 3 x Key Ingredients For Your Sales Process if followed and used regularly, will dramatically help your sales conversations.


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Khabeer Rockley is a Sales & Business Trainer, and the Founder of The 5% Institute

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