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How To Use The Takeaway Close

The takeaway close is an effective sales closing technique you should add to your list of sales closing questions, because it works so well!


So; what is the takeaway close, and how do you use it correctly?


In this article, we’ll explore what the takeaway close is, why it works so well, and how to use it correctly when selling your products or services.



What Is The Takeaway Close?



Put simply; the takeaway close is when you give your potential client a limited period to make a decision to buy your product or service, before the offer no longer stands.


Examples you may be familiar with are prices only available for a limited time, or your product or service only being available with some kind of upsell of they take action right now.


If they don’t take action within the allocated prescribed time duration; you use the takeaway close by taking away the benefit they would have received if they had taken action sooner.



Why Does The Takeaway Close Work So Well?



Put simply – human beings are attracted to things that are scarce.


When something is perceived as scarce or an opportunity is rare to come by, people put more value in the product or service.


By using the takeaway close with a product or service, you not only create a perception of scarcity – but you introduce something called FOMO.


FOMO is short for a fear of missing out.


When someone is afraid of missing out on an awesome opportunity, it prompts them to take action because they may regret how they’ll feel later.



How To Use The Takeaway Close



The takeaway close is actually quite simple to use; however, it only works if you strictly follow these two rules.


The first rule is that you have to create a compelling limited offer if they take action to buy your product or service within a particular time frame.


This may be a discount code if they buy within 30 days.


Perhaps it could be an extra product included if they buy right now.


Another example could be you doing some kind of service or consulting if they pay the full price advertised for the product you’re selling.


Whatever it may be; the takeaway close has to start with something they’ll find attractive and beneficial, and within a specific time frame.


The second rule is that you actually have to take it away!


If you don’t take it away, then the close has no meaning and won’t work.


It’s very important that you clearly communicate what it will mean if they don’t take action within the particular time frame, and that you stand by this for your integrity, and to ensure your product or service has value in their eyes.


If you fold on either of these two rules; then the takeaway close won’t work.



Final Thoughts



The takeaway close is an easy to use closing strategy you could include in both your face to face sales conversations, as well as your online marketing efforts and advertising.


It works very well and is the very reason as to why so many businesses sell using discount codes or have a limited sale.


When used correctly, it can have an excellent impact on your profit margin.


Think of ways in which you can use it to sell your products or services, and feel free to share in the comments what has and hasn’t worked for you.



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