How To Close Deals – Consistently

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How To Close Deals – Consistently

A key factor that separates most Sales Professionals from the 5% who dominate their industries, is that they’ve learnt how to close deals consistently.


If you want to close deals with ease – you’ll need to learn; and then more importantly take action on what you will read in this article.


Read on to learn how you can close deals more consistently, by focusing on the following key areas.



How To Close Deals – Consistently



Close Deals Consistently – Tip #1



The first tip if you want to consistently close deals, is to ensure you’re meeting with ideal clients that will benefit from what it is that you’re selling.


Many Sales Professionals make the mistake of meeting with people who they think will benefit from their offer; but the potential client themselves haven’t realised any desire to benefit from your type of product or service.


You’ll have a much higher chance to close deals more regularly, if you meet with people who are already similar to that of your current clients.


For example – if you’re selling lead generation services, you may safely assume that any business would be interested in buying from you.


However – if you approach a kitchen fit out company, and they don’t yet have any real need for your services; and not to mention – you may not have any similar clients to them, it’ll be a harder sell for you.


If you have real estate clients and know the benefit you can bring to them, it’ll be easier to meet with other related potential clients and close deals, because you’ll have testimonials and social proof.


We recommend putting together a sales targeting strategy; and identify your best ideal clients and learn how to reach them.


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Close Deals Consistently – Tip #2



A second important factor is you wish to close deals consistently, is to meet with key decision makers when you have your discovery calls, or in person sales conversations.


Many Sales Professionals come across the “I need to speak with” sales objection, because they don’t identify who the decision makers are up front; and ensure they’re present.


At The 5% Institute, we teach our clients and Sales Professionals to ensure they identify the decision makers early – and do what they can to make sure they’re present for any sales conversation or dialogue you may have.


By doing so; you eliminate the opportunity for your potential clients to use the “I need to speak to” sales objection later.


Handling objections early is an important part of the sales process if you wish to consistently close deals on a regular basis.


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Tip #3 – Use A Sales Process



The most important ingredient to close deals on a regular basis – is to stop winging it with your sales approach, and to start using a sales process.


A sales process is the most important thing you can learn in your sales education, because it gives you the structure and road map to use that’ll guide you to close deals consistently.


The top 5% of Sales Professionals in all industries know this; and follow their sales process structure down to a tee.


Although there are various kinds of sales methodologies out there; we teach a system called The 5% Sales Blueprint.


It covers the following steps:


  • Rapport
  • Setting pre-frames
  • Asking driven questions
  • Uncovering pain
  • Finding desire and pleasure
  • Taking about money
  • Presenting
  • Handling objections
  • Asking for the sale


If you wish to learn how to follow the process in more detail, read the article below which’ll outline how to use it.


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Tip #4 – Use Tie Downs



Another very valuable sales tip to help you close deals more consistently, is to use something called tie down sales techniques.


Tie down sales techniques are questions to ask your potential client, that’ll create agreement between you and them – and to ensure you’re on the same page.


Also known as trial closes – tie down sales techniques will help you close deals more regularly, because it helps your potential client to sell themselves, rather than you do the hard selling.


When you give a statement to your potential client; there’s a 50/50 chance they’ll believe you. That’s pretty much like playing roulette.


However – when you ask a tie-down question, and they respond with agreement, they will 100% believe you.


This is because they’re not only agreeing with you – but also agreeing with their own statement when they say yes.


Therefore, tie down sales techniques can be an excellent ingredient to add to your toolkit, and help you close deals consistently.


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Close Deals Consistently – Tip #5



In sales; finding pain is crucial, and an important factor is you wish to close deals regularly.


Without pain – there will be no sale; and as a part of your sales process, you’ll need to ask questions that find out why your potential clients is looking for a solution.


What issues are they currently facing; and more importantly, what does it mean if it isn’t solved?


People buy things for emotional reasons and justify them with logic.


Generally – the emotional reason as to why people buy, is to avoid pain.


By learning how to find pain and learning what it’ll mean to solve that pain, you’ll be one step closer to learning how to close deals regularly.


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Tip #6 – Follow A Solution Framework



Many Sales Professionals do something we call Premature Presentation; meaning the meet with their potential clients, pitch their product or service, and hope something sticks.


This is the old-fashioned way of selling to your potential clients and will hurt all your efforts of closing deals.


Instead – we recommend using a solution selling framework when speaking with your potential clients.


Just as a Medical Specialist would – ask open sales probing questions to uncover their situation, their areas of concern and pain points, and the importance of finding a solution.


Once you have this information – you’ll then be in a position to prescribe a solution to their pain points and problems.


Following a solution selling framework will help you close deals more regularly, because you’ll be positioning yourself from a place of empathy – rather than looking like you want to win a quick sale.


By following a solution-based strategy, you’ll position yourself as a trusted authority.


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Final Thoughts



If you wish to close deals more consistently, you’ll need to learn and take action on the following tips mentioned in this article.


Most importantly, is to learn and implement a concise sales structure and process.


The sales process is literally the biggest difference between a top 5% performer, and everyone else.


If you wish to learn more about how you can implement a proven sales process into your own industry, click here to learn more about our online sales training program, called The 5% Sales Blueprint.



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