Sales Multipliers – 5 x To Win More Sales

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Sales Multipliers – 5 x To Win More Sales

Sales multipliers (or sales multiplier effect) are strategies and tactics you can use to win more consistent sales.


As the name suggests – there are things you can implement that will multiply your sales without adding too much effort at all.


In this article, we’ll look at five of our recommended and easy to execute sales multipliers to win more sales on a consistent basis.



Sales Multipliers – 5 x To Win More Sales



Sales Multiplier #1 – Cross & Upselling



Our first sales multiplier is a simple yet highly effective strategy.


It’s by adding two key strategies to your sales efforts, by both cross selling and upselling to your clients when they buy.


Cross selling is selling something alongside with their purchase, which’ll usually only enhance their experience with the product they’ve just bought.


A famous quote you may be familiar with here is “Would you like fries with that?”


The McDonalds staff member here has been trained to cross sell you another product alongside your original order.


It enhances the meal – and allows them to make more sales.


Other examples may be fabric cleaner with furniture, or an extended warranty with a vehicle.


Upselling is another great sales multiplier.


This allows you the opportunity to give them a more premium or enhanced product of what they’re originally looking for.


Think real estate, car sales, and even coaching packages.


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Sales Multiplier #2 – Team Selling



Team selling is another effective strategy as a sales multiplier which is often underutilized by businesses.


Team selling is the act of working with other departments or team members, to coordinate an approach of selling together to close more sales.


Depending on your business size, there may be people within your organisation that can help you win a particular client; depending on their skill sets, experience, or relationships with your potential client that you can possibly leverage.


When carious departments come together to leverage their skill sets, this is called team selling.


It’s a great sales multiplier, because you’re usually leveraging a wide range of people with the common goal towards sales, rather than people purely thinking on their own without cooperation.


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Sales Multiplier #3 – Use An Intent Statement



One of the most powerful ingredients we recommend you use which’ll prove to be an incredible sales multiplier; is something called an intent statement.


An intent statement; or pre-frame as we teach in The 5% Sales Blueprint – is a statement that delivers your expectations for a sales conversation.


It lets your potential client know what they can expect from you, and it gently lets them know what you would also like to expect from them.


By pre-framing the conversation; you position yourself as a trusted advisor – you let them know that there are boundaries and parameters around the conversation, and that you’ll be gently leading the conversation like a true professional.


To learn more about the intent statement and how to execute it correctly, read the linked article directly below.


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Sales Multiplier #4 – Help Them Sell Themselves



One of our key beliefs that which we teach in our online sales training course The 5% Sales Blueprint; is that you should always help people sell themselves.


Pushing people towards a sale can result in buyer’s remorse; and position you as being untrustworthy.


That’s why we recommend to always gently lead people towards the sale if they would in fact benefit from your product or service; so that the sale becomes their idea.


This creates a sales multiplier effect; because people feel better about their purchasing decision, and thus tell more people about it, which also reduces your return, cancellation or refund rate.


The way in which you can do this, is by asking what we call sales probing questions.


Questions uncover pain points, situational awareness, and give you the ingredients needed to focus your attention to lead a potential client towards a sale.


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#5 – Don’t Present Too Early



One of the biggest mistakes Sales Professionals and Business Owners make, is presenting their product or service much too early.


As per our article in Entrepreneur; we call this premature presentation – and it kills your sales.


Presenting the right way is a sales multiplier, because it doesn’t turn off your potential client, as they won’t feel that your intention is purely there to make a sale.


People want to be heard – and feel that you’re there to serve in their interests, rather then being there purely to make a quick dollar.


Before you present your service or offer, there are a number of key steps we recommend you go through so that you prescribe your solution; rather just try to sell what you have.


To learn how to do this, read the linked article directly below.


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Final Thoughts



These sales multipliers will help you close more sales, because they’ll help you think bigger picture.


Many Sales Professionals and Business Owners think about the immediate sale – this helps short term but doesn’t do much in regard to thinking about the longevity of their sales strategy.


Implement these five, and you’ll see why they’re great sales multipliers to utilise.



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