The Psychology Of Sales – Tips To Increase Success

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The Psychology Of Sales – Tips To Increase Success

Learning topics surrounding the psychology of sales can have a massive impact on your closing rate, because quite frankly – you’re selling to people.


Although many people read and learn about sales topics that are logical; the emotional is just as – if not more important.


That’s where the emotional fundamentals and psychology of sales topics come in.


In this article, you’ll learn eight important sales tips founded on psychology principles, to help you win more sales and become more successful when speaking with prospects.



The Psychology Of Sales – 8 x Tips To Increase Your Success



The Psychology Of Sales Tip #1 – Handle Objections Early



The first of your psychology of sales tips, is to handle and overcome objections before they come up.


Many salespeople handle objections later on in their sales process, which can cause confusion, drag on their sales process, or even cost them the sale.


Although many objections are expected to come up later on; we recommend you handle the two main sales objections in the start of your sales dialogue with your potential client.


The two objections we recommend you handle are:


  • Ensuring the decision makers are present
  • Eliminating the I need to think about it objections


The way you handle this, is with something we call a pre-frame. You can learn more about handling this up front, by reading the related article below.


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The Psychology Of Sales Tip #2 – Be Prescriptive



The second powerful tip to add to your psychology of sales list, is to be prescriptive when you’re presenting a product or solution.


Many salespeople pitch their product or service early; hoping something will stick, and that the person will buy.


Instead, we recommend doing something completely different – following a sales process that has you investigate their pain, desires, and then prescribing a product or solution that gives them what they want.


When you see a medical specialist for a specific problem; the medical specialist doesn’t pitch you on their medication, treatments, or list of other things they may be wanting to sell.


Instead, they ask you a series of probing questions that has you speak clearly about your problems, your symptoms, and how this is affecting you on a daily basis.


Once they’ve learnt this in great detail, they prescribe a solution to your issues.


The same should be true for selling, and one we highly recommend if you want to become a master in the psychology of sales tactics.


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The Psychology Of Sales Tip #3 – Give Fewer Options



As per Robert Cialdini’s book Influence; Cialdini did a study between people who gave their clients various options, and others who kept their options short.


The people who offered less options had a higher success rate than those who offered many options.


The reason being is for two reasons:


  • By offering a lot of options, you create something called analysis paralysis; meaning you can make your prospects confused about what to do, resulting in no action
  • Offering a few options but not many, gives them a feeling of control, but nothing to become confused about


Humans have short attention spans and don’t like to waste too much time on trivial decision making.


Keep your options minimal and give them a reason behind which one you would recommend.



The Psychology Of Sales Tip #4 – Use Social Proof



Social proof and testimonials are a great way to increase your sales, and something you should add to your psychology of sales toolkit.


People don’t like to buy things when the risk is high; and like to buy things that others have already taken a risk on.


By clearly demonstrating that others have bought before and have had a positive result with it, you’ll have a better chance of not only resonating with your potential client, but also closing the sale too.


Use testimonials and social proof on your website, landing pages, social media profiles and much more.



Tip #5 – Use Deadlines



Another important psychology of sales tip we want to share, is the power of using deadlines in your marketing and sales conversations.


Deadlines create something called FOMO – or a fear of missing out.


If people feel like they have all the time in the world to make a purchase, then there is no reason to take action right now.


And if there’s no reason to take action right now – they won’t take action.


Use deadlines when giving call to actions, to make it clear that you require them to take action, and by what date.


However, a very important note; make sure you have integrity with your deadlines, and don’t make any fake deadlines to create fake scarcity. Many marketers; especially online do this, and it massively hurts their reputation.


Use deadlines but ensure they’re legitimate.



The Psychology Of Sales Tip #6 – Make It About Them



One of the common error’s salespeople make, is making their sales conversations about them, their product and their service.


The reason we’re adding this to your psychology of sales list, is because we want to ensure you keep the conversation about your potential client.


By doing so – you’ll have a higher success rate of keeping their engaged and doing your investigative work.


When investigating, ask many questions that’ll uncover a series of things you’ll need to know before you can present.


These include:


  • Learning how they buy
  • Qualifying by using BANT
  • Finding pain and their desires
  • Closing


To learn more about each of these question types, check out the related article below.


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Tip #7 – Find Their Meaning



Many salespeople sell features and benefits; hoping that their potential client will see the logical reason why they should buy, and then make a purchasing decision.


However as previously covered; people buy emotionally.


What will it mean when people buy your product or service?


As the famous saying goes; people don’t buy a drill – they buy a hole in the wall.


What will it mean when they own a solution to their problem?


By linking their pain and desire to the meaning of owning your product or service, you’ll have a much higher success rate of winning the sale.


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The Psychology Of Sales Tip #8 – Help Them Sell Themselves



One of the most powerful psychology of sales tips we can share with you today, is rather than doing all the hard work of selling them; help them sell themselves instead.


What we mean by this, is ask them a series of excellent open-ended questions, and then patiently wait for their reply.


Once they reply, ask more questions to help them expand on their point, until you learn what it is you’re asking. Once they give you their answer – ask another question that confirms the statement they’ve made.


This psychological sales technique is called a tie down – and it is extremely powerful when used correctly.


Tie downs reaffirm belief and can guide your potential client is selling themselves on the need of a solution.


Check out the related article below to learn how to use this effectively.


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Final Thoughts



These psychology of sales techniques and tips will help you win more sales effectively, as long as you put them into action.


We’ve attached a few related articles throughout this article, which we highly recommend you read to increase your sales knowledge.


If you’d like to learn more about how you can increase your closing rate, register for our 7 day sales challenge here.



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