How To Sell Anything In Person – A Step By Step Guide

The 5% InstituteSales Process How To Sell Anything In Person – A Step By Step Guide
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How To Sell Anything In Person – A Step By Step Guide

One of the most influential and persuasive skill sets you can learn, is the art of how to sell anything in your face to face sales conversations.


By learning how to sell anything; you’ll never have a problem generating an income again – as long as you have people to sell to.


In this article, you’ll learn how to sell anything by using a step by step approach and process.


Make sure to take plenty of notes, and bookmark this for regular reading.



How To Sell Anything In Person – A Step By Step Guide



How To Sell Anything In Person Step 1 – Rapport



If you want to learn how to sell anything in conversations with your potential clients, you’ll need to learn how to master the art of building deep rapport.


As Zig Ziglar famously said, “If people like you, they’ll listen to you; but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you”.


Rapport is the art of building commonality between people; so, in a business and sales context, rapport is making your prospect feel like you are similar to them.


Many online guides will teach you how to build rapport, however they don’t go into detail about how to develop a deep rapport with your potential clients.


Anyone can be nice and have a cordial conversation; that however doesn’t mean you’ll win the sale.


If you want to learn how to sell anything, you’ll need to learn how to build deep rapport both consciously and subconsciously.


Consciously, you can use the same language as your potential clients, dress similarly, and show empathy.


Subconsciously, you can match and mirror; and use the complete communication ratio. The communication ratio means:


  • 55% of your communication is done with body language
  • 38% is done through your tone
  • 7% using the words you use


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How To Sell Anything In Person Step 2 – Pre-Frame



The second step when learning how to sell anything, is setting something called a pre-frame.


Before we go into the pre-frame, let’s give some quick context.


Have you ever been in a sales conversation with a potential client, only to be told at the end that they’ll need to speak to someone before they can make a decision?


Perhaps you’ve been in a conversation which seemed like everything was going perfectly – only to be told at the end that they’ll need to think about it?


If this has happened to you before – don’t worry.


Many of our Students before enrolling in The 5% Sales Blueprint came across the same objections.


The reason why these come up; is because you haven’t set a frame around how the conversation should go. Without setting expectations – anything can happen.


A pre-frame is setting up expectations from the get go; letting them know what they can expect from you, and what you should be able to expect from them.


By setting this up in advance, you counter sales objections early, let them know you’ll be asking deep diving questions, and that at the end of the conversation – there will be some form of action.


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Step 3 – Be A Master At Asking Questions



One of the differences between average salespeople and those who know how to sell anything, is their ability to ask excellent deep diving questions.


Your questioning ability is one of the most important parts of your entire sales process and is a crucial ingredient if you want to learn how to sell anything to qualified prospects.


At The 5% Institute, we teach a very simple- yet powerful philosophy.


When you make a statement and pitch – they might believe you.


When you ask them questions and they respond – they will believe their own response.


People hold their personal beliefs as gospel and will rarely change their personal opinions and beliefs once they are ingrained.


If you pitch too early; you’ll risk saying something that is contrary to their belief system and lose the sale.


If you however know how to ask excellent questions – and have them respond in a way that justifies why they need to find a solution to their problems; then you’ll carefully move them towards the sale.


Therefore, if you want to learn how to sell anything – you need to be an absolute master at asking excellent deep diving questions.


By asking the right questions, you can help them sell themselves, rather than trying to do all the hard selling.


Your sales questions should be focused around the following topics:


  • Learning how they buy
  • Qualifying potential clients and decision makers
  • Finding pain
  • Handling objections early
  • Asking for the sale


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How To Sell Anything In Person Step 4 – Find Pain & Desire



People buy for a number of reasons, but it always comes down to two distinct emotional reasons.


  • To avoid pain
  • Receive their desired outcome/ pleasure


If you want to learn how to sell anything in your sales conversations, you need to learn what pain they’re trying to move away from by buying a solution to their problem.


Furthermore – you’ll also need to learn what positive desire or outcome they want by having their problem/ pain point solved.


Your potential clients may give you purely logical reasons as to why they’re in the market for a product or service, however you should remember – sales decisions are always made emotionally.


People then justify their emotional decisions with logic.


During your sales conversation, learn and list all the pain points they’re moving away from, and desires they’re trying to achieve.


In The 5% Sales Blueprint, we teach Sales Professionals and Business Owners to find at least three pain points as an absolute minimum.



Step 5 – When Presenting, Bridge The Gap



As previously mentioned, so many salespeople present their product or service way too early, causing their potential client to be turned off – and not proceeding with the sale.


As per our article in Entrepreneur; we call this ‘premature presentation’.


Many salespeople and business owners think their job is too pitch their product and hope that something they said sticks; and that will help the potential client make a buying decision.


This model however is outdated; and even though it’s still widely taught, it actually damages your sales efforts.


The spray and pray approach doesn’t work because by pitching too early, you’re making assumptions about what you think they may be interested in.


Would it be a lot easier if you just asked questions, and found out instead?


When you’re giving your sales presentation, ensure you’ve asked plenty of questions up front, so you can effectively relay back what their pain points are, what their outcomes are, and how your product or service bridges the gap between each of these identified points.


When giving an effective presentation, ensure you follow the following points:


  • Present to decision makers
  • Use relevant stories when sharing examples
  • Bridge the gap with their pain and pleasure
  • Use proof
  • Be visual


We’ve written a detailed guide on how to effectively present in person and achieve this. Check out the article below to learn how.


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Final Tip – Your Sales Process



The most important tip I can share with you today, if you confidently want to learn how to sell anything to your potential clients; is to follow a proven sales process.


A sales process is a step by step system you use that gives your sales conversations structure, and allows you to be consistent with your sales approach; no matter who you may be speaking with.


Notice we don’t say scripts; sales scripts damage your sales, where structure elevates your sales.


A sales process gives you certainty, security, and allows you know confidently follow a system that’ll allow you to sell anything.


Although there are various sales methodologies, such as SPIN, SNAP, NEAT and many more; we recommend using a deeper sales process that gives clarity to each of the steps you’ll need to come across during your sales conversation.


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Final Thoughts



If you want to learn how to sell anything to your potential clients, you’ll need to learn the key fundamentals of sales.


These include being a master at building rapport, overcoming objections early, asking awesome questions, and knowing how to present in a way that helps your prospects sell themselves.


If you would like to learn the steps in more detail, you can register for our 7 day sales challenge here.



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