10 X Powerful Sales Discovery Questions To Add To Your Toolkit

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10 X Powerful Sales Discovery Questions To Add To Your Toolkit

Although many Salespeople focus on learning the latest closing techniques; the most important part of your sales process by far is the art of asking the right sales discovery questions.


Sales discovery questions open dialogue with your prospect to discover pain, their biggest desires; and help them sell themselves on the idea of doing business with you.


In this article, we’re going to look at 10 X powerful sales discovery questions to add to your toolkit, so you can serve more clients and win more sales.



10 X Powerful Sales Discovery Questions To Add To Your Toolkit



“What’s currently going on in your business at the moment?”



Although a pretty broad question, it allows you the opportunity to learn what’s important to your prospect right now during your rapport building phase.


This will help you understand where their focus is, and what types of open-ended questions you can ask later to expand on their pain, or potential desires.



“To make sure you leave with absolute value today; what would you like covered/ like to have happened?”



This is a great sales discovery question, because it does two important things.


Firstly, it puts the ball in their court to feel control; and that they’re not just going to get sold too.


Secondly, it’ll give you the perfect foundation on what areas to focus your next lot of questions on, as they’ll be telling you their areas of concern, and what they would like to achieve.


Removing assumptions is an important part of the sales process.



“Please tell me why we’re meeting today?”



Assuming they’ve contacted you to meet; this is an excellent question and one we use very regularly.


This sales discovery question allows the prospect to outline what it is they want, their pains, and that it needs solving.


Because your prospect is outlining this – they are selling themselves and reaffirming their belief that they need to make a change.


Very powerful.



“If we were to proceed; would you know who else would need to be involved to make a decision?”



One of the strategies we teach in The 5% Sales Blueprint, is to get the decision makers involved up front prior to leaving it to the end. This way, you can ensure you’re speaking with qualified prospects versus data gatherers.


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“Where do you think there’s some opportunity for improvement here?”



You can ask this question once you start discovering your prospects pain. Once they give you a few examples, you’ll initially be on the surface.


This sales discovery question allows you to dive a bit deeper and get to the emotion.



“If you were in fact able to fix this issue, what would that do for your business?”



Very much like the earlier questions, this is another example of a powerful question to help the person sell themselves on the opportunity of success; and aligning that success with the purchase of your product or service.



“What would success look like if we are to work together?”



This is a question you can ask after discovering their pain and desire; yet prior to asking for the sale.


People are visual thinkers, and by asking this question you’re subconsciously embedding the image of you working with them and painting it as a success.


It also informs you of their potential objections or areas of concern, so you can handle these before asking for the sale.



“Why do you think that isn’t working for you?”



This sales discovery question is designed to help you understand their rational behind why certain systems, or situations aren’t working in their business.


By learning this, you can gather intelligence behind their way of thinking, and suitably present later in a way that aligns with that style of thinking.



“Can you please share how that’s working for you?”



Notice I don’t ask tell me or expand; I use the word share.


People like sharing their perception and opinions as it makes them feel valued.


Secondly, it allows you to learn more about what’s important to them to ask more questions.



“Who else have you considered for this solution?”



This is a great sales discovery question, because it allows you to gather intel on which competitors they may already be talking to.



Final Thoughts



Open-ended, sales discovery questions are the most powerful part of your sales process, because it allows you help the prospect sell themselves, rather than doing all the hard work of changing their belief systems on your own.


What other questions would you add that works well for you?


Feel free to share them in the comments.



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