What Are Close Ended Questions?

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What Are Close Ended Questions?

There are generally two question types; close ended, and open ended questions.


This article is in relation to asking questions during your sales conversations and sales process.


To learn more about what kind of questions you should be using, continue reading on below.



What Are Close Ended Questions?



Close ended questions are questions that give you a definite and straight forward answer; rather than an answer which is more open-ended and conversational.


They generally give you a yes or no type answer, or other type of definite answer which isn’t open to further probing or conversation.



What Kind Of Questions Should You Use For Sales



There are definitely times to use both open ended questions, and close ended questions.


It very much depends on where you are within the sales process; either beginning and needing them to open up about the situation, pain, desires – or whether you’re at the end towards closing the sale.



The Issue With Close Ended Questions



Overall, you should try to minimise your use of close ended questions during the sales process.


The reason being, is that they keep you on the surface when asking questions, rather than give you the ability and opportunity to deep dive and learn much more about your potential client.


It’s important to dive deeper when asking questions during your sales process, because this allows you to get to the level to learn what the real reason is they’re wanting to buy.



Use Close Ended Questions Minimally



As previously mentioned, there will be times when you need to use close ended questions and depending on the personality type you’re having the sales conversation with; sometimes even beneficial.


However, the difference between a salesperson and sales professional – is that the sales professional knows how to ask the right questions to help a person sell themselves.


Open ended questions help a person sell themselves, where the other type generally keep you on the surface, forcing you to work a lot harder for the sale.


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Final Thoughts



Sales professionals are masters at asking the right questions. They know when to ask the right type of question at the right time, to guide people towards the sale.


At The 5% Institute, we call these Power Questions for this very reason.


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