8 X Sales Meeting Topics To Share With Your Team

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8 X Sales Meeting Topics To Share With Your Team

We regularly hold sales training sessions with our clients, and some of the feedback we often receive from them is that their sales meeting topics can be boring or stagnant.


A lot of what they go through is the same; week in and week out.


We give them tips on how they can improve this and wish to do the same to help you too.


This article is to help you with ideas that you can potentially introduce as sales meeting topics. These topics are what we have found to not only be the most beneficial, but also most well received based on feedback by the teams and clients that we train.



8 X Sales Meeting Topics To Share With Your Team



Sales Meeting Topics Tip #1 – Prospecting



One of the more rewarding topics to train in, is prospecting or how to bring in more clients.


Focus these are the two types of methodologies, being either inbound or outbound prospecting.


Below is a related article to help you explore this a bit further:


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Sales Meeting Topics Tip #2 – Product Knowledge



Another important opportunity in your list of sales meeting topics, is discussing the product or service that you sell.


To make this work well, focus on the following:


  • Features
  • Benefits
  • More importantly, what it will mean when they own it
  • How it saves them time
  • How it saves them money
  • Discuss how it’ll elevate the person or business from their current state


Discussing these things as a group will enhance everyone’s understanding of what it is in fact your potential client is buying and make your sales team better sales professionals.



Tip #3 – Objection Handling



Does your team know how to handle the “I need to speak with” objection; or perhaps the “I’m not interested” objection?


Use this opportunity to brainstorm how to work with different objections, and focus on a sales process, rather than sales scripts.



Tip #4 – Look At Your Goals



One of the common sales meetings topics is discussing the business’s or units goals; but what about their individual goals?


This is an opportunity for your team to understand what it is they’re working towards, and re-anchor their beliefs and motivation towards those goals.



Tip #5 – One Of The Overlooked Sales Meeting Topics – Issues



Now this may not be a common sales meeting agenda, however it can work just as powerful as earning about your goals.


What bottlenecks and issues are preventing the sale?


What administrative tasks, workload or other repetitive things are making your salespeople focus on the wrong areas?


For this to work, don’t individualise any person and keep the topic on things you can all work towards to increase capability and capacity.



Tip #6 – How To Build Rapport & Trust



People buy from people they trust.


One of the important sales meeting topics is sharing with your people how they can build rapport before the sale takes place, and during the sales process itself.


What activities can your salespeople and business do to create and enhance credibility and trust before your customers get in touch with you?



Sales Meeting Topics Tip #7 – Motivation



Here and there, motivational videos and articles can be powerful in lifting the spirits of your team. What is important though, is ensuring that the motivational products they’re discussing and using is tangible.


Intangible motivation wears off quickly and feels forced and superficial.


Instead discuss topics, read and watch content that’ll enhance motivation for the long term.



Tip #8 – Show Gratitude



Speaking of motivation, a powerful activity to include as one of your sales meeting topics is showing gratitude to the people who have done good work, shown effort and improvement, and have gone the extra step to serve your customers.


How can you acknowledge them that they’ll feel a part of something more than just a business or sales team?


Regularly showing gratitude when it should be recognised is a great way to form long term comradery, and meaning within people business lives.


Do this often when warranted, and your team will want to serve your business and clients more.



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