The I’m Not Interested Sales Objection – How To Handle It

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i'm not interested sales objection

The I’m Not Interested Sales Objection – How To Handle It

The ‘I’m Not Interested’ Sales Objection is a common one for Sales Professionals; especially if you’re doing a lot of B2B sales calls.


In this article, we’ll look at why they respond with this; and what you can do to handle it.



The I’m Not Interested Sales Objection – How To Handle It



Why Does It Come Up



Before we investigate how to handle this objection, let’s briefly look at why it comes up in the first place.


Generally it comes down to three reasons:


  • Your prospect has sales resistance and feels like they’re trying to be sold
  • The tonality you’re using may be coming across as too salesy
  • Your prospecting methodology may not be working


Your potential client, or prospect may use the I’m Not Interested Sales Objection because they may already be inundated with other sales calls.


If you’re approaching it the same way, they’re subconsciously going to lock you in with all your other competitors fighting for their time.


Instead, look at the article below to see the other methods you can use to minimise their sales resistance.


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How To Handle The I’m Not Interested Sales Objection



If your potential client feels like you’re going to pitch them or feels like they’re not going to get any value, they’re going to tell you they’re not interested.


The two best ways of dealing with this in a courteous, respectful and non- desperate manner, is the following.


Politely let them know that’s completely OK. Find out the best way to get in touch via email or text, so that you can send them more information.


If they say no problem, let them know you’ll be in touch in the next few days to find out if you can in fact benefit them, and secondly; schedule another call.


The second way of dealing with it; if they do in fact ask you not to call again, is respect their wishes.


There are plenty of potential clients out there to do business with you.


It’s important that you’re spending your time and effort presenting to people that first of all – can benefit from your product and service, and secondly, interested in meeting with you for a potential change to their current state.



Final Thoughts



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