Two Types of Sales Prospecting Methods For More Sales

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Two Types of Sales Prospecting Methods For More Sales

Sales prospecting methods can be confusing for Sales Professionals and Business Owners.


However, whether you’re in B2B or B2C, sales prospecting should be a part of your daily activities.


One of the reasons why Sales Professionals don’t do it daily, is because they either don’t know the sales prospecting methods to use, or they aren’t clear on the targets they need to hit to make it efficient and effective.


From a target clarity point of view, you should set up KPI’s and Metrics to reach your goals. You can learn how by clicking here.


What we’re going to focusing on in this article, is the two types of sales prospecting methods you should have so you can be successful, win more sales and drive more traffic.



Two types of Sales Prospecting Methods for more sales



Sales Prospecting Method 1 – Outbound Prospecting



Outbound prospecting is the activity of reaching out to your potential clients. This should be targeted traffic, and be decision makers who would benefit from your product or service.


The way I generate the outbound leads for my business, is by using LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is fantastic because it allows you to find your targets by company, industry, their role within the company, and location.


The difference between our methodology compared to other sales prospecting methods on LinkedIn, is we don’t directly message them on the platform.


Some people can find this intrusive, and because a lot of other people are doing this, your potential clients can put you in the same bucket as them; positioning you as just another commodity.


Instead, we use a software tool to scrape the person’s email, and then we email them an introduction.


Keep in mind – we’re not selling yet.


All we’re doing is reaching out by email, which starts a relationship and creates the opportunity for us to now call.


This way – we’re not directly cold calling; because they’re familiar with us because of the previous email, the chances of the ‘I’m not interested’ objection slides away.


This strategy works absolute wonders for us.


To learn how to implement this in your business (as well as the email template we send), click the link below to learn more.


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Sales Prospecting Method 2 -Inbound Prospecting



Inbound lead generation is one of the most powerful sales prospecting methods you can have in your toolkit.


It allows you to set up automated systems, so that you can drive traffic into your business without having to do the manual labour of finding the leads.


The way that you set this up is with a sales funnel.


A sales funnel is a system you put together, that reaches your audience using pay per click on Google and other search engines, as well as by advertising on social media.


Once you set this up, you then can generate leads of people who are interested in your offer, and through a number of steps; you slowly educate them about your product or service, until they are either ready to be called or buy themselves.


A sales funnel should consistent of the following:


  • Valuable content
  • Landing pages
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Email sequences
  • An offer page or call to action for you to contact them


To learn how to put this together for your business, you can click the link below to find out how.


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Final thoughts


Prospecting is absolutely crucial if you’re a Business Owner or Sales Professional. Being proactive with your sales prospecting methods is key, rather than purely waiting on people to call you when they think they have a problem.


Setting up a strong outbound and inbound marketing strategy will definitely bring you a lot more business and sales success.


If you’re interested in refining your sales process so that you can consistently win more sales, check out our 7 day sales challenge here.



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