How To Get Referrals – 5 Ways To Boost Your Sales

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how to get referrals

How To Get Referrals – 5 Ways To Boost Your Sales

Referrals are a great way to get leads for your business, product or service; that’s why in this guide, you’ll learn how to get referrals in a non pushy, yet effective way.


The reason why referrals are great, is because one of the hardest things to build with your sales and marketing efforts – is trust.


One of the reasons why people stall the buying or process or come up with objections, is because there’s a lack of trust. To learn more about this, check out the article below.


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How To Get Referrals – 5 Ways To Boost Your Sales



Below are five ways to demonstrate how to get referrals. These are easy tips you can put into practice almost immediately and start benefiting from the results.



Simply Ask



An easy way to start getting referral is by asking your prospects if they know of anyone else who may be a right fit for your product or service.


You can ask people who are your existing customers, those who buy, and those who may not be a good fit; but may know someone who may.


When asking, ensure you ask if there are any related businesses they may know of, or perhaps family or friends depending on what you’re selling (if it’s B2C and not B2B).



How To Get Referrals Using An Affiliate System



Also known as a referral program, an affiliate system is another great way how to get referrals.


An affiliate system is a part of the sales process, that you can set up that pays a commission to the person for putting your product or service in front of ideal clients and pays them after they buy.


The beauty of this system is that you only pay your affiliate once the sale has been made.



Add A Link That’s Shareable On Your Digital Content



Whether it be your sales pages, website blog articles, or contact forms, adding a link that makes it easy to share your content is a great way how to get referrals.


Earlier we mentioned trust; when a persons friend or colleague shares content, there’s a higher chance it’ll resonate with them too.


I recommend you install shareable plugins on your content pages; just ensure you do your due diligence that it will in fact work with your content platforms.



Let Your Contacts Feel Comfortable Doing So



When you speak with your potential clients, let them know that many of your clients come from referrals. This way, they’ll feel comfortable in referring business on to you, because that’s what other people are doing too.


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Create A Sharing Network



One of the fastest ways how to get referrals, is to create a network with like minded businesses that you can trust.


Once you’ve done this, you can than refer and share potential clients to other people and businesses that may serve that prospect before, during and after they buy from you.


For this to work, you’ll need people who will happily refer their prospects to you, and vice versa.


Trust like the buying process, is the foundation behind what makes this strategy work.


Bonus Tip: Build a joint sharing network, including an affiliate system.



Final Thoughts On How To Get Referrals



Referral marketing is a great strategy to implement into your business.


What other ways do you use to get referrals? Share them in the comments below.



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