How To Respond To The Send Me Some Information Objection

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send me some information objection

How To Respond To The Send Me Some Information Objection

If you’ve been cold calling long enough, one of the common objections you’re most likely to hear is the send me some information objection.


In this article, we’ll dissect why people say this objection in the first place, and secondly how you can handle it in a non-pushy and tactful way.



How To Respond To The Send Me Some Information Objection



What the send me some information objection really means



When someone tells you to send me some information, what they’re really doing is telling you that they’re not interested and are wanting to blow you off – without potentially offending you.


When someone usually gives sales professionals the send me some information objection, they usually just comply and send what they think will get read, understood – and perhaps make them return the call.


You probably have noticed that is not the case!


Let’s look at how to handle this in a non-pushy and elegant manner.


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What to say when they give you the initial send me some information objection



Just because they’ve asked you to send the information, doesn’t mean you should.


First of all, whatever you’re sending them should be right information, and secondly to the right person.


By just sending them information, how do you know that they qualify for that information, or it’s going to go in front of the right people for reading? You don’t.


Hoping is not a sales strategy and shouldn’t be a part of your sales process.


For that reason, once they receive it; they don’t resonate with the information you’ve sent, and the documentation is thrown away.


The first thing you respond with when they give you the send me some information objection, is “No problem at all”.


This may surprise you based on what you’ve just read; but read on to follow the next steps.



Next steps to handling the objection



Once you’ve said no problem or yes to giving them the information, simply let them know that because you want to get the information to the right person, can they tell you who would be the best person interested in learning more about <insert your product or service benefits>?


When they tell you the person, you now have the opportunity to ask open ended questions and learn about the person they’ve mentioned, what issues they’re currently facing, and what is needed to help solve their problems.


Please note: it is imperative here that you don’t start prematurely presenting or pitching your product or service.


The reason why we’re asking more open ended questions, is to build more rapport and get more details about the person you’ll be sending information to.


By doing this, it gives us the opportunity of peaking enough interest for them to want to meet with you. This is due to us wanting to learn about their situation and opinions.


Doing this generally keeps them on the phone and handles the send me some information objection.


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What if they don’t respond to your questions?



So what happens if they don’t respond to your questions or say they’re not interested?


Say no problem; and move forward to your next prospect.


For a sale to take place, and person needs to want to make change. Without any need for change, there will be no need for a transaction or sale.


Politely move on and continue pursuing your sales targets and goals.



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