5 X Benefits Of Online Sales Training

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5 X Benefits Of Online Sales Training

Online sales training is a new and effective way to up-skill your staff (or yourself) in the most up to date sales principles.


Although in person sales training is also very valuable; online sales training comes with its own set of benefits that is making it a valuable investment for businesses of all sizes.


In this article, we’ll be dissecting the five benefits of online sales training, and why it may be a worthwhile investment for both you and your sales team.



5 X Benefits Of Online Sales Training



Online Sales Training Benefit #1 – Access



The first benefit of online sales training is that it is generally more accessible than your traditional, in person sales training. Traditional sales training normally consists of a speaker or trainer, followed by workbooks, files and much more.


When your sales training is online, it means you no longer have to carry your training material with you whenever you need to train or up-skill your team.


You can simply login to your sales training dashboard and select what module and topic you want to train your team (or yourself) in that day.


Speaking of access – another benefit of online sales training is because it is online, it generally means you can watch it on multiple platforms, whenever and wherever you are.


This is ideal for people who like to learn on a laptop or tablet, versus a traditional desktop. However of course, you can still learn on a desktop or smart TV.


Compared to traditional sales training, this becomes a cost-effective way to train and up-skill your team in their sales training needs.



Online Sales Training Benefit #2 – Cost



As mentioned, traditional sales training is generally a lot more expensive than online sales training.


Although there are businesses out there that try to charge you a fortune for online sales training, you don’t necessarily need to spend thousands to invest in an excellent program.


The reason why traditional sales training can be quite costly, is because:


  • The trainer is paid for their time
  • The company needs to pay for a training space (venue hire)
  • Equipment hire
  • Support staff hire, depending on the number of attendees
  • Additional training resources such as workbooks


For this reason, many small to medium sized businesses refrain from training their staff in sales because they simply can’t afford it.


Online sales training however opens up the opportunity for these businesses to up-skill their staff and sales team.


Due to the training being available online, the general costs of running in person training is no longer there, making it a much more affordable investment.



Benefit #3 – Certainty



The third benefit of online sales training is that it gives you certainty when training your staff.


Looking for training topics can be a confusing, and tiresome task for Sales Managers or Business Owners because:


  • They may not have experience in training
  • What is current, and what doesn’t work anymore?
  • Is the training my team going to learn relevant?
  • Does the Trainer actually walk the walk; and not just talk the talk?
  • Will the training be a worthwhile exercise for my staff?


Online sales training creates certainty for Managers, because it gives you a step by step process of exactly what module to focus on for a specific training session.


For example, The 5% Sales Blueprint is an online sales training program for Sales Professionals and Business Owners. The modules include:


  • Goal setting for success
  • Sales psychology
  • The importance of following a sales process
  • Building rapport
  • Setting pre-frames
  • Power questions
  • The pain process
  • Future pacing and pleasure
  • Talking about money
  • Presenting
  • Handling objections
  • Closing
  • Inbound lead generation techniques
  • Outbound lead generation techniques


By having a raft of modules to choose from, Managers can now simply choose a module to up-skill their team in what they feel needs the most attention during that specific session.


Secondly, if a new person joins the sales team, an individual can go through each of the modules video by video and go on a sales journey (with workbook) to learn each step of the sales process.


By taking this approach, both Manager and Trainee get certainty of exactly what to focus on, and ensure they are up-skilled in the same topics for quality assurance and compliance.


This ensures all the sales team and Managers in your business are on the same page.



Online Sales Training Benefit #4 – Comfort



Another important benefit of online sales training is the comfort it can give attendees when learning their sales topics.


One of the problems with traditional sales training, is that not all your staff may be able to attend.


People within your team may work different shifts and hours, may live a long way from your place of business, or may even find it inconvenient to make the commute to a physical training location due to personal and life conflicts and challenges.


Online sales training fixes these issues, because of the accessibility.


If someone for example suffers back pain when sitting for hours, online training offers the opportunity for them to simply pause the training when they need to take a break and stretch.


Perhaps there are members of your team that have a very busy schedule and taking ten hours or more out of their busy schedule will just cause more stress to their current day to day activities.


They now have the opportunity to learn in an environment that is comfortable for them, and to learn on their own personal terms.



Online Sales Training Benefit #5 – It’s Great On Your Resume



Great sales jobs can be competitive to get, and when applying for these roles, you’ll need all the help you can get to stand out among the other candidates.


A great way to position yourself as an ideal candidate, is to demonstrate that you’ve invested in your own personal and self-development.


Online sales training looks great on your resume, because it shows potential employees that you’re driven, ambitious, and someone open to learning new and successful ideas to enhance your sales education.


Businesses don’t want to hire a ‘know it all’, or someone who is close minded about their personal development.


Many people naturally go to College; but to have extra training that you’ve learnt online – displays and differentiates that you’ve got out of your way to learn new ways that many of your competitors probably wouldn’t have done.



Final Thoughts



Online sales training is an excellent investment for both you and your staff, because of the opportunities it creates.


Traditional sales training used to be reserved only for those who could afford it.


Online sales training makes this accessible for everyone, and practicably anyone who is serious about upping their sales game and knowledge.


The 5% Institute has an excellent online sales training program called The 5% Sales Blueprint.


To learn more about the program and what it entails, simple click here for more info.


Alternatively, if you’re wanting to learn more about the program, you can register for our 7 day sales challenge here.

Khabeer Rockley

Khabeer Rockley is a Sales & Business Trainer, and the Founder of The 5% Institute

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