Training For Sales Managers – What You Need To Know

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Training For Sales Managers – What You Need To Know

Often, you’ll find that high performing sales professionals will be promoted into sales manager roles. Although at times this can be a wise idea – however; it can also without intending to, backfire if the new sales manager isn’t aware of what training they need to focus on.


In this article, you’ll learn what kind of sales training managers need to know, in order to be successful in their roles.



Training For Sales Managers – What You Need To Know



#1 – Managing Expectations



One of the key topics in your training for sales managers, should be teaching them how to manage expectations with their staff.


Do their staff know the various KPI’s, or Key Performance Indicators:



  • How much profit you’re earning?
  • Are you selling enough?
  • What does it currently cost to acquire a customer?
  • After expenses, are you profitable?
  • What is your turnover, and cost per hire?
  • What is your employee engagement rate?
  • Are they satisfied – why or why not?
  • Leads incoming per month?
  • Open opportunities?
  • Close, and win rate?
  • Average purchase value?
  • Sales cycle length?



This is a good start of metrics to focus on.


Once you have this information, it’s important to be transparent with your staff (within reason) to let them know what is required for them to be able to perform and meet the required metrics – both for themselves, and the company.


If your staff aren’t aware of what winning looks like, it’ll be like trying to reach a destination without a map.


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#2 – Relationship Skills


Your people are your business, and without comfortable, open ended conversations with your team, you’re going to struggle in managing them.


Your staff should feel comfortable enough to openly discuss issues, trends, what’s working and what’s not with their managers. This relationship is key for them to feel safe and secure within their working environment.


By having staff who can openly discuss things (within reason, and not breaching any HR rules of course), this creates an environment of trust and certainty, and makes them feel valued.


Relationship skills should be a frequented topic in your training for sales managers cookbook.


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#3 – Sales Process Training



This would be one of the most important needs regarding training for sales managers.


Your managers will be expected to give answers, help with queries, and guide and mentor new sales professionals with their day to day activities.


The best way to do this, is by having in place a consistent sales process, in which they can rely on to train their teams and use as a referral tool when giving examples and answers.


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