Effective Phone Sales Tips, To Win More Sales

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Effective Phone Sales Tips, To Win More Sales

Whether you’re a business selling directly to customers, or perhaps even other businesses; the chances are high that you’re going to need to speak to them on the phone.


Speaking and selling effectively over the phone is crucial if you want to win more clients and serve more people.


In this article, we’ll be looking at some effective phone sales tips to help you achieve your goals.



Effective Phone Sales Tips, To Win More Sales



Avoid jargon



One of the biggest mistakes you can make over the phone or in any of your sales conversations for that matter; is using jargon, or ‘industry wording’.


The reason being, is if the person isn’t sure what you’re talking about or doesn’t know the abbreviation, it can break rapport by making them feel less intelligent.


Nobody wants to feel less-than.


Remember jargon doesn’t help you look smarter – it just creates the risk of potentially breaking rapport.


Keep things simple, as this makes it easier to communicate.



Monitor your own tonality



Tonality is the way in which you speak, such as your inflection of words, the pitch, and the volume.


To build rapport, you should monitor your tonality and not be too excited, and instead try to match your potential client and build more subconscious rapport.


You can read more about this in our article here.



Your body language matters



Something you may not be aware of that comes to a surprise to many of our students, is that your body language does matter even though you may be on the phone.


If you’re slumped forward and not feeling confident, your voice will mirror that; and your potential client will pick up on that.


Instead, stand up if you can; and have a strong, positive stance when speaking as this will come through with your voice. This is one of the key phone sales tips that’ll elevate you above your competition.



Use plenty of open-ended questions



To put it simply – asking the right open-ended questions wins sales.


Try to ask questions to get your potential client talking, rather than doing all the talking yourself. The more they talk, the more opportunity to can lead them to sell themselves on your products or services.



Use a process; an important yet regularly forgotten phone sales tip



Probably one of the most key decisions you can make with your sales conversations – and most important of the phone sales tips, is to use a sales process.


You may not be shy and be great at asking questions, but if you don’t follow a step by step process; it’ll just be an ordinary conversation.


Your goal is to win the sale. You’ll need a process to make this happen.


If you need extra training on how to put in place a process for your sales conversations, register for our 7 day sales challenge here.



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