Real Estate Sales Advice – Sell More Homes

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Real Estate Sales Advice

Real Estate Sales Advice – Sell More Homes

In this article, we’ll explore 8 x recommended real estate sales advice tips to help you sell more homes, consistently.


Selling real estate when done correctly, can be an excellent and lucrative career.


The contacts you make and the people you serve can potentially help you for many years to come; not to mention, may have some terrific referrals for you too.


So how do you sell real estate with consistency?


In this guide, you’ll learn our real estate sales advice, using a system followed and successfully executed by our Students from various countries, and who speak many different languages.


Read on to learn how you can too.



Real Estate Sales Advice – Sell More Homes




Your Face To Face Sales Conversations



You may be excellent at generating leads and brand awareness; however, if you don’t know how to follow a step by step consistent system to close sales, you won’t be successful at selling real estate consistently.


This leads us onto our first piece of real estate sales advice – which is to use a consistent sales system.


A step by step system, also known as a sales process, is a guide in which you use over and over with all your potential clients – so that you can win more sales consistently.


Consistency is key when learning how to sell real estate.


By doing so, you’ll be able to use a road map to guide you and your potential clients towards the sale over and over again.



Real Estate Rales Advice Tip #1 – Rapport



Our next piece of real estate sales advice, is to start by building rapport with your potential clients.


Rapport is the art of finding commonality between you and the people you want to serve.


Many people define rapport as being cheerful, enthusiastic and optimistic, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.


Although these can be important ingredients, rapport has a different meaning.


When we communicate, we do so subconsciously and consciously.



The Communication Ratio



We communicate by following something called a communication ratio.


The communication ratio is:


  • 55% body language
  • 38% tonality
  • 7% our actual words


This means that we’re always communicating; even when we’re not speaking.


If you want to learn how to consistently sell real estate and do it successfully, you need to dress to impress.


Hold yourself in a confident manner; yet not cocky.


Ask more questions than how often you speak.


To learn how to build rapport and nurture relationships, read the related article below.


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Real Estate Sales Advice Tip #2 – Pre-Framing/ Using An Intent Statement



Our next real estate sales advice tip is to use something called a pre-frame; also known as an intent statement.


A pre-frame (or intent statement) is setting up key expectations with your potential client, so they know what they can expect, and so that you can successfully lead the sales conversation.


This does two key things:


  • It positions you as a Specialist, rather than just another eager salesperson
  • It eliminates major sales objections


By setting a pre-frame, you ensure up front that you’re meeting with decision makers.


Many Sales Professionals make the mistake of presenting property to people who aren’t decision makers, which results in potential clients saying, “They need to speak with XYZ”.


By using the BANT method for qualification, you can ensure up front that you’re meeting with decision makers.


Secondly in the pre-frame you want to let people know that at the end of the conversation; you’d like to know their thoughts on whether you can in fact assist, or whether you can’t.


This ensures you get a definite yes, or definite no.


Maybe’s don’t pay the bills – and uncertainty is what you want to avoid.


Finally – you want permission to ask deep diving questions.


Questions are the key to selling real estate consistently.


To learn more about putting together a pre-frame or intent statement, read the related article linked below.


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Real Estate Sales Advice Tip #3 – Understand Their Buyer Persona



Our next piece of important real estate sales advice is to know who you’re selling to, and understanding that people buy for various reasons.


The same is true for real estate.


Why are they buying; and what is their buyer persona?


Are they buying to enhance their status?


Perhaps they’re moving into a new area and want to make a big impact.


If they’re investors; they may know that buying real estate is a safer bet for their investment growth and strategy.


Learn by asking questions what their intent, and what kind of buyer you’re dealing with.


By doing so, you’ll know what to focus on, and what kind of questions to ask.



Real Estate Sales Advice Tip #4 – Learn How To Find Pain



If there is no friction, there will be no sale.


This is true for selling any product or service, and the same for real estate.


Our next piece of real estate sales advice is that you should become an expert at finding pain with their current situation.


People buy property because there’s a disturbance sitting in the back of their minds.


They may want to upgrade; because their current property isn’t satisfying them anymore.


Perhaps their friends and family have purchased a big property; and they want to keep up for status reasons?


Ask questions that understand their pain points, and deep dive into the why behind the buy.


Learn what the issues are with their current living situation, and why a specific type of property will solve those issues.


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Tip #5 – Pleasure



So; we know that people buy to escape pain.


The second driving motivational force behind why people buy, is our next piece of real estate sales advice – that is; people buy to achieve a desired outcome; also known as pleasure.


Potential clients become actual clients because they buy emotionally – and justify their buying decisions with logic.


What pleasure will they have when they buy a new piece of real estate?


Learn what it will mean when they own the property and focus on questions that’ll uncover this.


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Real Estate Sales Advice Tip #6 – Money



Now that you’ve asked the right questions and understood what owning a new home will mean when they own it (from a pain and pleasure perspective), our next piece of real estate sales advice is to discuss money.


In The 5% Sales Blueprint, we call this segment ‘Money Talk’.


This means learning two key things:


  • How much money have they put aside, and budgeted for their new property
  • What will it cost if they don’t invest in a new property, and stay with their current situation/ property?


By asking both powerful questions, your potential clients will openly discuss that it will cost them if they do nothing, and secondly – tell you about their budget before you even start showing them your listed properties.


This approach is different from amateur Real Estate Brokers; who prematurely present, hoping something will stick.


Instead, we teach our Students to approach it like a specialist.


Understand first, and then prescribe your offering.



Real Estate Sales Advice Tip #7 – Presenting & Prescribing



Finally, and only after you’ve followed each of the steps covered in this sales process, are you able to present and prescribe your properties.


This is one of our more important real estate sales advice tips, because by prescribing a property rather then just presenting everything you have listed – the property will have more meaning to your potential clients.


As outlined; if you want to learn how to sell real estate, you need to position yourself as a Specialist, rather than just another commodity.


Most Real Estate professionals will use a show and tell strategy, hoping something will stick.


Instead, learn about their current situation, pain points, desires, and then present/ prescribe accordingly based on what you have to offer.


In our presentation guide, we outline the following steps to successfully present any product or service; including real estate.


  • The right people
  • Use stories
  • Pain
  • Desire
  • Use proof
  • Present in person
  • Don’t just talk
  • Be visual
  • Get feedback
  • Keep it short


To learn how to effectively put this together, read the related article below.


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Tip #8 – Asking For The Sale



Finally; our last piece of real estate sales advice is not to be afraid of asking for the sale.


When closing and asking for the sale, I like to ask a set of closing questions to learn what to do next.


This will help you understand whether or not you need to handle sales objections, or whether you can proceed to arrange the paperwork.


The questions I like to go to when asking for the sale are:


1 – “Would you like my help with this/ insert fixing problem?”


2 – “If we could find a way to deal with your *insert area of concern*, would you be happy to proceed?”


3 – “Based on your feedback and our solutions to your issues, it looks like our *insert your product or solution* is the right fit for *insert their company*. Would you agree/ what do you think?”


4 – “Would you agree that it’s worth giving us a try, to solve your *insert their problems and pain points*?”


5 – “What happens next?”


Keep in mind – these are just a guide.


I strongly recommend that you don’t use sales scripts, and instead make the questions your own – and suited to your personality and that of your client.


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Final Thoughts



You’ll notice our real estate sales advice focuses on using systems to close more sales.


The reason being – is the more systems you use, the more consistent your approach, and then sales will be.


A sales system can literally be the difference of sales success or positioning yourself as another commodity.


Sales Professionals and top earners lean on systems, where amateur salespeople focus on winging their approach.



Want To Close Sales Easier?



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Khabeer Rockley is a Sales & Business Trainer, and the Founder of The 5% Institute

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