How To Dress For Sales Success – A Guide

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How To Dress For Sales Success – A Guide

Whether we know it or not, we are always communicating with the people around us.


We have our verbal communication, our non-verbal communication – and our formal or informal communication.


That’s why it’s important that before you go into your next sales presentation or negotiation, you dress for sales success accordingly.


In this guide, you’ll learn why it’s important to dress for sales success, the enhancements that it can create for you, and some extra tips you can implement to help you win the next deal.



How To Dress For Sales Success – A Guide



How To Dress For Sales Success #1 – Your Objectives



What’s your aim for when you want to dress for sales success; and what does it mean?


Basically, it means you dress in a way to build and maintain rapport, yet achieve some key objectives by dressing in a particular way.


First of all, it’s important to dress for sales in a way that you look a little more presentable than the people that you’re selling to.


Yes – you should look friendly and not overdone, however you should still look like you should demand authority, and look sharp for the occasion.


If you’re selling to people who wear suits, you should definitely be in an excellent looking suit.


When your potential clients wear casual clothing; you may also dress down a little casually too, however as mentioned, try to dress up a notch or two compared to how they’re dressed.


Your objection here when you want to dress for sales success, is be similar to how they look – but a bit more refined and presentable.


Looking similar is a part of building rapport; because as per our article here – rapport is the art of building commonality between people.


If people think you’re similar to them, they’ll like and trust you.


And people buy from people they like and trust.


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How To Dress For Sales Success #2 – Colour Communication



As already mentioned, you want to dress similar in a way as this builds rapport.


Also important to add; wear colours that are warm and likeable.


Your suit may be dark which is normal, however that doesn’t mean you have to go with a dark shirt and tie.


Different colours emit different emotions. Yellow for example gives the feeling of warmth, and a light orange can seem cheerful.


Blue displays trust, strength and dependability, and red can display a feeling of excitement, youthfulness and boldness.


Don’t overdo your colours; however note that they do subconsciously communicate feelings and meaning.



Other Dress For Sales Success Tips



A few other important tips when you want to dress for sales success are:


  • Don’t dress with too much texture; this can appear confusing, and distracting
  • Quality is important – if it looks like it doesn’t fit, is of poor quality, or is not ironed; it’ll look like you don’t pay much attention to quality – which may affect their feelings about your product or service
  • Keep jewellery to a minimum – no one wants to buy off a mafia boss



Other Benefits For Dressing For Success



Other benefits when you dress for sales success are that it can improve your thinking, negotiation skills, and even heart rate.


As per this article, dressing up can dramatically boost your confidence and even affect your physiological level; as the act of dressing for sales success puts you in a frame of mind to want to succeed.


This then puts you into state of preparedness, which can have excellent results on your sale conversations, and confidence in handling sales objections.



Final Thoughts



This article, How To Dress For Sales Success – A Guide, should give you the basic steps needed to help you dress in a way that’ll make you feel confident, and focused on what to do next.


When you dress in a way that makes you feel confident, it can be the much needed placebo to drive you to that next level for sales success.


Follow the steps here, and you’ll be well on your way to winning more sales.



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