Introducing Our Online Sales Training Software

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Introducing Our Online Sales Training Software

Online sales training software is an efficient, effective and excellent way to train your sales team in the art and science of selling.


Sales training gives your Sales Professionals the ability to learn and improve their sales techniques, sales process, and communication skills – all in which will generate more profit for your business.


The right online sales training software will always be an excellent investment.


As per a study done by CSO Insights, Sales Professionals who complete and execute the right sales training program have 10% higher win rates than by those who don’t do sales training.


In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of investing in online sales training software, as well as go into detail about our affordable yet highly effective program, The 5% Sales Blueprint.



Introducing Our Online Sales Training Software – The 5% Sales Blueprint



What To Look For When Investing In Online Sales Training Software



Prior to investing in online sales training software, there are a number of questions – and areas you should focus on prior to making an informed decision.


We’ve collated a number of questions for you to ask and have answered prior to making the investment, to ensure you get the most out of your online sales training software.



Does The Methodology Align With Your Business?



The first thing to explore when looking at investing in online sales training software, is whether or not the sales methodology fits the product or service that you’re selling as a business or supplier.


A lot of sales training out there is focused on script like rebuttals; or response-based answering.


The problem with this methodology is that not only is it pushy and outdated, but it doesn’t work for your potential clients who require a more consultative approach.


As per our article here on, script-based selling actually harms your sales.


Ensure the sales methodology is structure based, and still relevant in today’s market.



Is There Supporting Guidance?



The second thing to look at when investing in online sales training software, is whether there is supporting guidance to help your sales team retain what they have learnt.


Good sales training material is important; however, what is more important is that they remember what they learn, and they reflect on how to use it in the real world.


A quality and best practice online sales training software should include questions for users to answer, as well as a booklet or something similar for them to follow along, and fill out.


By having questions in place, it gets users to think about what they’ve learnt, and to expand on how they may use it in their specific and individual sales role.



Is The Training Flexible?



Online sales training software is a great investment; however, what happens if you’re unable to access it wherever you go?


If your sales team travel frequently, their training shouldn’t have to stop just because they’ve had to travel?


A cloud based solution is best to solve this; all the Sales Professional will need is their login details and password.


Secondly on the topic of flexibility – does the online sales training software cater for tablets or smartphones?


Training should be used on multiple platforms, to cater for the individuals preferred mode of learning.



Why Should The Online Sales Training Software Have A Process?



Something often overlook in the world of sales, that contributes greatly as to why so many people don’t make consistent wins – is because they don’t follow a consistent sales process.


As previously mentioned, your online sales training software should follow a structure.


A structure, or sales process – is the step by step system that your Sales Professionals can follow, that helps guide the potential client to want to buy.


Sales shouldn’t be all about the Sales Professional doing all the work.


Instead, a high-quality sales process is one that helps the Sales Professional understand their own situation, their pain points, why they need to act, and handle potential objections on their own.


This way – you help potential clients sell themselves, rather than do all the hard selling yourself.


This approach positions you as a Specialist, rather than another commodity or order taker (that quite frankly, litter the sales marketplace).



Our Online Sales Training Software – The 5% Sales Blueprint



The 5% Institute has created a state of the art, online sales training software to help Sales Professionals and Business Owners consistently win more sales.


The program is online, meaning all you need to get your module of training is to login, and start learning.


The 5% Sales Blueprint includes all the online sales training software modules you’ll need, which include:



Module 1 – Goal Setting For Success:



You’ll learn the step by step process to write and execute actionable goals and targets that you’ll actually achieve.



No ‘new-year’s resolution type goals’ that don’t get fulfilled – learn what actually works.



Module 2 – Why People Buy:



Most Sales Programs don’t teach the human behaviour and psychology behind why people buy in the first place.


Imagine you knew the psychological triggers that caused buying behaviour – which means you can align your sales process, service and offer with their buying strategy.


What would knowing this information do to your overall sales and business?


You’ll get this, and more.



Module 3 – Why You Need A Sales Process:



Most Sales Professionals and Business Owners wing it with their sales.


Because they don’t have a consistent sales approach, they get mixed and inconsistent sales results.


You’ll learn the importance of why you need a sales process and what the exact steps are, so can do this too.



Module 4 – Building Rapport:



You’ve probably heard the saying, ‘People buy from people they trust‘.


But how do you build trust, both efficiently and effectively?


In this module, you’ll learn techniques from practical psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming, so that you can easily build a strong bond with your potential clients and create trust quickly.



Module 5 – Setting Pre-Frames:



Let’s face it – someone is always in control of the sales process.


The question is; is it you, or usually your potential client?


In this module, you’ll learn the powerful techniques to not only set and create control over the sales process, but also implement easy and quick strategies to overcome objections before they even come up!


This module will be an absolute game changer for you – and drastically separates this program from the others out there.



Module 6 – Power Questions:



One of the common hurdles Sales Professionals and Business Owners regularly face, is not knowing what kind of questions to ask to unlock the sale.


These questions are called Power Questions – and they dive deep into uncovering what it is your potential clients actually want, so you can effectively get beneath the surface.


As you watch this module along with your workbook, you’ll learn these Power Questions and more.



Module 7 – The Pain Process:



If there is no friction and reason for a person to buy – they simply won’t!


Sales Professionals and Business Owners regularly struggle with this, and often lose the sale here.


That’s why in this module, you’ll learn how to navigate this in a non-salesy manner, so you can move towards serving them and winning the sale.



Module 8 – Future Pacing & Pleasure:



In this module, you’ll learn the step by step process to helping your potential clients realize what results they want and need.


By having them detail this information to you, you’ll learn what to focus on to help them overcome their sales resistance, as well as know what to know to move the sale forward.


You’ll learn our exact method on how to do this in this module.



Module 9 – Money Talk:



Most sales training programs deal with money at the end of the sales process; which creates an unnecessary endless stream of objections and resistance.


We do it differently, because it gives you better results.


In this module, you’ll learn the two crucial money topics that have to be covered, and why you need to cover it before the end of the conversation instead.


This will put you miles in front of the competition, who are still using old fashioned scripts.



Module 10 – Presenting:



Did you know that there is a step by step process you can use to efficiently present – without being labelled as just ‘another pitch’?


In this module, you’ll learn the exact step by step system to present in a way to win the sale, and separate yourself from your competition.



Module 11 – Objections:



Many Sales Professionals and Business Owners struggle with objections, because they’re still using old cheesy scripts, or they don’t have a simple way to work with objections.


Instead, you’ll learn the easy to remember, step by step system to handle all kinds of objections.


These range from “It’s too expensive and I need to think about it”… to “I’m already working with someone else and we don’t need to change”…



Module 12 – Closing:



You might be afraid to ask for the sale – but more often than not, it’s because you simply haven’t been taught how to do it in a way that’s not pushy or awkward.


You’ll learn how to ask for the sale in a way that maintains rapport, and helps the potential client understand why they need your product or service – and most importantly, gives you both the positive outcome you want.



What Reinforcement Assistance Do You Receive?



To ensure your Sales Professionals and team remember what they’ve learnt, and more importantly are able to implement it; The 5% Sales Blueprint online sales training software comes with two supporting systems.


First of all, you receive a detailed workbook formatted for ease of us; so you can action each step of the sales process and easily implement what you learn, into your sales conversations.


Secondly; Sales Professionals are required to answer each module with follow along questions, to ensure they implement what they learn.


This way, they can reflect on how they will use it in the real world, rather than sit through passive sales training.



How Do You learn More About The 5% Sales Blueprint?



To learn more about our online sales training software, simply click the link below for more detail.


It’ll detail exactly what is in the program, as well as bonuses included, and the many success stories we’ve had from Sales Professionals and Business Owners around the world and from different industries.


Click here to learn more about The 5% Sales Blueprint.

Khabeer Rockley

Khabeer Rockley is a Sales & Business Trainer, and the Founder of The 5% Institute

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