5 x Innovative Sales Training Techniques To Use With Your Team

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innovative sales training techniques

5 x Innovative Sales Training Techniques To Use With Your Team

Innovative sales training techniques are important in conjunction with your sales training sessions, because you need to ensure what it taught is implemented effectively.


Repetitive, old school sales training can become boring, or no longer effective in today’s marketplace.


Using innovative sales training techniques with up to date sales training, can be very effective when understood, and of course implemented when your team are speaking with their potential clients.


In this article, we’ll look at the five innovative sales training techniques to add to your sales training sessions.



5 x Innovative Sales Training Techniques To Use With Your Team



Innovative Sales Training Technique #1 – Motivation



The number one thing of highest importance in your innovative sales training techniques, is learning at depth what drives and motivates your people.


Why are they in sales?


What drive them to their decisions, and what continues to drive them today?


Learning and understanding about their unique personal lives is important, because not only does this build a better relationship with your staff, but also helps you learn about their individual and unique goals.


When you know about their personal motivations and goals, they’ll see you as a person – and not just another manager or number they have to report to.


Likewise; you’ll see the human being behind the role, which builds empathy and further capacity with your communication.


Learn the why behind what they want to achieve, why they’re in their roles, and what it will mean when they achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations.


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Innovative Sales Training Technique #2 – Sales Training



As mentioned earlier, old school sales training, or script training can sound repetitive, expired, and no longer useful in today’s competitive marketplace.


Instead, ensure the sales training you take your team through is current, and positions them as a specialised consultant in their field.


Consultative, structured selling has dramatically outgrown the sales script, always be closing mindset; and should be your foundation for all your sales training efforts.


Consultative selling methods should also use a proven, step by step sales process.


The sales process and the training associated with it is an innovative sales training technique, because it allows your Sales Professionals to help guide the potential client on a journey, in which they can sell themselves, rather than you do all the selling.


At The 5% Institute, we have a tailored online sales training program designed to help Sales Professionals and Business Owners learn how to do this. You can learn more about the program by clicking here.


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Innovative Sales Training Technique #3 – Memorisation



Once they’ve learnt a part of the sales process; be it building rapport, finding pain and desire, or handling objections, you’ll need to ensure that they’ve remembered what they’ve learnt.


As mentioned earlier in regard to our program The 5% Sales Blueprint; after each module, our Students go through a questionnaire, and have to also follow along with a print out text book to reflect on what they’ve learnt in the training session.


This way, Students think and reflect on what it means to use the sales process, module, or new learning’s they may have now experienced.


This ensures that they remember what they’ve learnt, because the training hasn’t just been passive.


By having them fill in the book and take part in the questionnaire, it allows the training to be feel personal and specific, making it more useful and effective.



#4 – Reward



So they’ve gone through the right training, you’ve learnt about their goals, and they’ve reflected on what they they’ve learnt – now what?


This is where you can put in place a reward structure; whether it be ongoing, or then they demonstrate correctly what it is that you’re training.


Rewards have always been a useful and innovative sales training technique, because people respond well to being rewarded; whether it be publicly or private.


The rewards don’t need to be anything massive; to be most effective, perhaps use rewards that align with innovative sales training technique #1 – being their own specific goals.



Innovative Sales Training Technique #5 – Analyse Data



Analysing data is a great addition to your innovative sales training techniques.


It allows you to see the proof in the pudding by looking at factual data.


Are they performing better?


What do they need to work on? With their new found knowledge about the sales process, what is the data telling you?


What they’re doing well, and where they need improvement?


Put in place KPI’s and Metrics, and measure their performance against these. Then include training to demonstrate how to bridge the gap from where they are, to where they need to be.



Final Thoughts



Innovative sales training techniques are an excellent addition to your general sales training sessions.


They keep them relevant, interesting, and effective.


As mentioned, the five innovative sales training techniques to implement are:


  • Motivation
  • Sales Training
  • Memorisation
  • Reward
  • Analyse Data


Focusing your attention, and implementing these techniques will help you and your team achieve their outcomes and desired goals.


If you would also like to learn more about consultative sales process steps, you can register for our 7 day sales challenge here.



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