8 x Sales Closing Tips To Win More Sales

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8 x Sales Closing Tips To Win More Sales

Sales closing tips should be something light, easy to remember, and able to be executed with ease.


If you’d like to learn how to close more sales; you’re in luck, because that’s what we’ll be covering in this article!


Many sales closing tips are quite old school and come from the ‘Always be Closing’ crowd – these are of putting and can in fact hurt your sales.


Read these tips carefully, implement them, and share with friends or colleagues to help them also win more sales.


Remember – a rising tide raises all boats.



8 x Sales Closing Tips To Win More Sales



#1 For Your Sales Closing Tips – Disqualify People Early



It doesn’t matter how good of a ‘closer’ you are; these sales closing tips won’t help you if you’re meeting with people who don’t qualify for your offer.


Ensure you qualify people early, so you’re not prematurely presenting to people who have no business buying from you or entering into a sales conversation.


When qualifying potential clients, we recommend using the BANT acronym; which was initially conceived by IBM.


BANT stands for:


  • Budget: What is your potential client’s budget?
  • Authority: Do they have the authority to make a decision, or influence someone who can?
  • Need: Do they have a need for what you’re selling?
  • Timeframe: When do they require it, and can you deliver?



#2 For Your Sales Closing Tips: Use A Pre-Frame Prior To Starting



In The 5% Sales Blueprint, we teach using something called a pre-frame prior to starting your sales conversation.


The pre-frame is designed to let your potential client know that you’ll be asking a lot of deep diving questions, that you’ll be looking for a decision at the end of the conversation or next steps, and that you’ll require decision makers to be present before starting your sales dialogue.


What this does is:


  • Eliminates many potential sales objections like I need to speak to… , or I need to think about it
  • Get permission to ask deep diving questions, which’ll help uncover pain and desire
  • Positions you as a Specialist, rather than another commodity


This is so important, that it is a must do on your sales closing tips list.


If you’d like to learn more about how to do this, visit the related article outlines below.


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#3 For Your Sales Closing Tips: Avoid Jargon



Something that many Sales Professionals do that dramatically hurts their sales, is use too much jargon, or industry language.


The reason why so many use jargon or industry language, is because they think it’ll make them sound smart, impressive, and that they know what they’re talking about.


In reality – it does the opposite and will backfire in most cases.


Instead, use easy to understand language that your potential client will resonate with.


By using easy to follow along language that they’ll understand, you’ll maintain rapport and not make them confused with what you’re talking about.


Confusion creates a no sale atmosphere, so avoid this at all costs.



#4 – Don’t Talk Too Much About Yourself & Company



Another on the list of sales closing tips, is to base the conversation around your potential client and company, rather than you and your company.


Your potential clients are there to learn and understand what it is you can do for them – not to learn about you and your company.


Speaking about your company, yourself and your accomplishments can break rapport, and sound like you’re being a show off.


This again will break rapport, and something you should avoid.


Of course – you can speak a little about yourself and company but keep this brief.


Furthermore, you can discuss how you and your company have solved other people’s problems who are similar to your potential client; but ensure there’s a reason, versus showboating.


You can learn how to do this more in the article below.


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#5 – Don’t Prematurely Present



You’ve probably seen the famous show Shark Tank; where Entrepreneurs pitch their products, services and solutions with the intent of securing funding.


Many Sales Professionals and Business Owners do the same with their sales presentation; and this is hurting your sales.


Being in sales and presenting on Shark Tank are two entirely different things, and your approach should be different.


In this article on Entrepreneur, we detail how prematurely presenting your product or service is damaging your sales, because:


  • It shows a lack of empathy
  • By presenting early, you’re disregarding their actual need
  • It displays you offering a solution without deep diving prior


The best way to present, is to clearly demonstrate how each of your products benefits will solve each of their pain points and help them reach their desired outcome.



#6 For Your Sales Closing Tips: Keep Your Presentation Going Two Ways



During your sales conversation, your sales dialogue should be exactly that – a dialogue and conversation.


This means that you should be asking great questions and focusing most of your attention on getting them to answer about their pain points and desired outcomes.


During your presentation stage, this should also be the case.


It’s important to use tie-downs; an important sales technique, when presenting your offer and trying to close.


This is one of the imperative sales closing tips, because using tie-downs effectively will help guide your potential client to sell themselves, rather than you do all the hard work of trying to sell them instead.


To learn how to use tie-downs effectively, check out the related article below for more detail.


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#7 For Your Sales Closing Tips: Avoid Sales Scripts



Although many people swear by using sales scripts to close sales, the truth of the matter is it can actually harm your sales.


The problem with sales scripts, is you’re expected to remember, rehearse and naturally reply to responses that they’ll give you to close the sale.


Not only is this ridiculous, but it can be seen a mile away – making you look like a robot and breaking rapport.


It also makes you focus on rebuttals, rather than actually being present and listening to help understand where they’re actually at with buying your offer.


As per our article here, you can learn why sales scripts no longer work.


Instead, you should focus on following a sales process – which is a step by step consistent system you can use to close more sales.


Following a sales process instead of using scripts, is one of the crucial sales closing tips you can implement.


Learn more about sales process steps in the article below.


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#8 For Your Sales Closing Tips: Use Closing Questions



Closing questions aren’t scripts; as they can be changed depending on the potential client you’re speaking with.


They should be used as a guideline and can help you feel more comfortable when asking for the sale.


These five closing questions are added to your sales closing tips list, because they’ve served me well in my years in sales and should definitely help you too.


They are:


1 – “Would you like my help with this/ insert fixing problem?”


2 – “If we could find a way to deal with your *insert area of concern*, would you be happy to proceed?”


3 – “Based on your feedback and our solutions to your issues, it looks like our *insert your product or solution* is the right fit for *insert their company*. Would you agree/ what do you think?”


4 – “Would you agree that it’s worth giving us a try, to solve your *insert their problems and pain points*?”


5 – “What happens next?”


To learn more about implementing and unpacking each of these closing questions, visit the related article below.


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Final Thoughts



This list of sales closing tips will help you on your way to winning more sales.


To recap, your sales closing tips list is:


  • Disqualify people early
  • Use A Pre-Frame Prior To Starting
  • Avoid jargon
  • Don’t Talk Too Much About Yourself & Company
  • Don’t prematurely present
  • Keep Your Presentation Going Two Ways
  • Avoid sales scripts
  • Use Closing Questions


To learn how you can consistently close more sales on a regular basis, feel free to register for our 7 day sales challenge here.



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