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New Home Sales Training – Close Easier

In this article, you’ll learn about our online sales training program; which will be perfect for your new home sales training needs.


Many sales training programs focus on specific scripts; or are very niche and boxed in to the point that they don’t transfer across multiple service-based industries.


That’s why we’ve created something to help new home and other related Sales Professionals thrive in sales, by focusing on the most important part of your sales toolkit – the sales process.



New Home Sales Training – Close Easier



In this guide, you’ll learn about our new home sales training, and why we focus on a step by step sales process to help New Home Sales Professionals sell more effectively and consistently.


Prior to diving into our program and how it’ll help solve your needs; let’s first look at what makes selling new homes different to many other products and services.



It’s Higher Ticket



Selling new homes are higher ticket; meaning it usually is going to involve a number of decision makers.


For this reason, your new home sales training needs to have a consultative sales approach.


Instead of selling your products or services as another commodity, you need to approach your sales conversations with from a place of prescribing your offer, rather than simply pitching it like your competitors may be doing.



You’re Looking For Pain



All sales are based on the foundations of emotion – being that people buy for two emotional reasons.


These reasons are to avoid pain and move towards pleasure and their desires.


If you’re a seasoned Sales Professional; you would know the importance of finding pain with a potential client’s current situation, because without finding pain – there will be no reason for the potential client to make a buying decision.


In our new home sales training, you’ll learn how to find pain in a non-pushy way, so that you can get to the truth of what it is they’re actually trying to buy, rather than staying on the surface as most New Home Sales Professionals do.



New Home Sales Training – Introducing Our Online Sales Program



If you’re looking for new home sales training, then our online sales program may be the perfect fit for what you’re looking for.


Our online sales training course is a 100% online delivered program, which serves New Home Sales Professionals just like you in the following ways:


It’s cost effective – because we don’t have to hire a venue, hire staff and arrange marketing and logistics, we can pass on these savings to you


Available on multiple platforms – if you’re like many Sales Professionals, you need flexibility with how you learn and digest content. That’s why we’ve created a responsive interface, so you can learn on your laptop, desktop, tablet or on the go.


Get it anywhere, any time – just because you may be busy, doesn’t mean you have to hold off your personal development. Our new home sales training is cloud based, making it accessible anytime.


Read on to learn more about our flagship program, called The 5% Sales Blueprint.



What Else Does The 5% Sales Blueprint Cover?



Our flagship program, The 5% Sales Blueprint is perfect for your new home sales training needs.


Below is just a few of the important topics we cover in our program, which breaks down in detail each step of your required sales process.



Goal Setting For Success



The first topic we cover to help you with your new home sales training needs, is goal setting.


Most people don’t achieve their goals, because they don’t know how to write them out in a way that is compelling, and something they can be consistent with every day.


We’ll detail exactly how to do this, and how you can not only logically achieve your goals but anchor them specifically to your internal wants and needs.



Why People Buy – This Separates Our New Home Sales Training From The Others



What separates our new home sales training from many others out there, is that we also cover the psychology behind why people buy.


You’ll learn the fundamental reasons – both consciously and subconsciously as to why people buy in the first place.


Learning this will help you sell new homes a lot more effectively, because you’ll understand why it is they’re wanting to buy your product or service on a deeper level.



Building Rapport



People buy from people they like and trust.


Rapport is important and should be built not only consciously – but unconsciously too.


You’ll learn how to do so in our new home sales training program.



Power Questions



Power questions are questions that dive deep under the surface, so you can get to the truth of what problems and pain points your potential client wants solved.


Many Sales Professionals simply stay on the surface and concentrate their sales dialogue on talking about features and benefits.


This harms their sales because they keep the conversation purely logical. People buy emotionally, so we need to know how to get down to this level, without breaking rapport and still maintaining professional composure.



Finding Pain & Desire



All sales happen due to people buying for two reasons – moving away from pain and moving towards pleasure.


You’ll learn in our new home sales training how to do this effectively, in a non-pushy manner by using our 3 x 3 deep dive method.






As per our article in Entrepreneur; many Sales Professionals suffer from something I call premature presentation.


Premature presentation is when a Sales Professional presents their products or services too early and loses the sale.


In our new home sales training, you’ll learn why it’s important to:


  • Present at the end
  • How to present in a way that bridges the gap
  • You’ll prescribe your solution as a trusted adviser, rather than ask for the sale



Handling Objections



A lot of new home sales training focuses on using gimmicky sales scripts to handle objections.


The problem with this, is twofold.


First – your potential clients have heard them all before, so when you use them – you instantly break rapport.


Secondly – although it sounds cool on paper; how are you supposed to remember 20 x different scripts, and what happens when someone says something you’re not prepared for?


People sell scripts, because they’re like diet pills.


It sounds promising – but it just hurts your wallet and does nothing for your overall results.


Instead, you’ll learn our objection handling structure, so you only have to remember one process, rather than a whole bunch of various scripts.



Asking For The Sale When Selling New Homes



Closing is one of the most important parts of the sales process, because if you don’t ask for the sale – nothing will happen.


You’ll learn how to close and ask for the sale in a non-pushy manner.



Final Thoughts On Our New Home Sales Training Program



Our online sales training program is perfect for people looking for new home sales training, because it’s a consultative and systematic approach.


By following a step by step system, it’ll help you not only learn easier – but more effectively, put into action.


If you’d like to learn more about our new home sales training, as well as see reviews and testimonials, click the link below to find out more.


Introducing Our Online Sales Training Program – The 5% Sales Blueprint

Khabeer Rockley

Khabeer Rockley is a Sales & Business Trainer, and the Founder of The 5% Institute

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