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Effective Training In Real Estate Sales

If you’re a Real Estate Agent, Realtor, or Real Estate Broker and are looking for training in real estate sales, then you’ve come to the right place.


In this article, we’re going to share with you the step guide on how to increase sales in real estate.


We’ve broken this guide down into two phases; first is the prospecting, and second is the face to face sales conversation to help you win the sale.


This guide to help you on your journey for training in real estate sales will help put you above the competition and assist you on what to focus on next.



Effective Training In Real Estate Sales



Effective In Real Estate Tip #1 – Prospecting



The first thing to cover in your training in real estate sales, is that you need to have a strategy in place for you and your properties to be found.


As a Realtor; you need to create something called brand awareness. This is building your personal brand on social media, as well as letting potential clients know what kind of properties you have listed.


Below is a small list of things you can do to increase your brand awareness:


  • Offer virtual tours of your properties
  • Organise a Facebook Live video on your Facebook page of the property
  • If you’re selling multiple properties or a development, consider using a webinar
  • Email your existing clients, for property investment potential and opportunity
  • Be present on the right Real Estate portals in your city
  • Partner with local businesses
  • Use mailers
  • Create an inbound marketing machine


An inbound marketing machine is a system you put in place to generate leads on autopilot once you’ve set up your advertising systems. This is also known as a sales funnel.


This consists of a landing page, ads such as Google or Facebook Ads, an email sequence and a contact form, or area in which they can contact you or vice versa.


Implementing each of these areas should be the first step for effective training in real estate sales.


However, we now need to touch on the more important part – which is closing the sale in person or on the phone.


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Effective Training In Real Estate Sales Tip #2 – The Sales Process



Most Real Estate Agents or Realtors get this part wrong.


Usually what happens, is that the Realtor will visit a few homes, present and demonstrate the features and benefits of the homes, and then let the potential clients know to call them if they have any questions, or are in fact interested.


This model is outdated, because your potential client has access to literally hundreds of Realtors in your area due to the internet and other examples we mentioned previously in prospecting.


It also positions you as just another commodity.


Instead, I want to show you a better method which has dramatically increased our Students sales who are in the Real Estate game.


This is a vital step in effective training in real estate sales, because it’ll position you as a trusted advisor, rather than just another commodity,



Effective Training In Real Estate Sales #3 – The Right Process!



As mentioned, the right process is a step by step system you can replicate, which positions you as a trusted advisor and increases your sales.


Following this process gives both you and your potential client certainty, as it helps you know what step you’re going through in the process, and helps them know that they’re with someone who genuinely cares about their needs.


We’ve created a detailed article to give the exact step by step methodology you should be using right here.


The steps include:


  • Building rapport
  • Setting up a pre-frame
  • Asking questions to find pain
  • Asking questions to learn their desired outcome
  • Discussing budget, and implications on inaction
  • Presenting your homes
  • Handling their areas of concern
  • Asking for the sale



Learn Who The Decision Makers Are



As mentioned, most Realtors and Agents present their homes, without going through a key number of details prior.


The first detail, is ensuring you have the decision makers present.


If the person buying the property isn’t available, find out why – and what you can do to get in front of the people buying the property.


You don’t want to be spending much needed time with a person who isn’t in fact making the decision to buy the property, because this person will relay what they’ve learnt from you – meaning they’ll be getting second-hand information.


Not to mention, you’re now leaving someone to do your selling for you!


Instead, get in front of the decision makers.


It doesn’t matter how much training in real estate sales you have – if you’re presenting to the wrong person or someone who isn’t a decision maker; you won’t close any sales.



Don’t Present Prematurely



As per my article here in Entrepreneur Magazine, you don’t want to do something I call premature presentation.


This is when you start pitching your product before you’ve earned the right to.


Prior to being able to pitch your property, you need to learn exactly what it is they’re looking for, and more importantly why.


Why are they looking for a property in a specific location?


Are they wanting to buy a bigger home or smaller – why?


Do they want something closer to work? Again, we ask why?



Never Assume



One of the fatal mistakes Realtors make, is they assume why a person wants to buy a property.


A key learning in our effective training in real estate sales, is that we should never assume what we think they want or need – it’s much easier to ask and simply learn.


You want to be asking open ended, power questions to dive deep in regards to the meaning behind what they want to achieve with this property.


People buy meaning, and not the house itself.


What will it mean when they own?


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Final Thoughts On Our Effective Training In Real Estate Sales



The 5% Sales Blueprint is a step by step sales process, designed to help you win more sales and make a bigger impact.


Of all the online programs, we find this to be one of the most effective training in real estate sales, because it follows a consultative approach.


This positions you as a trusted advisor, rather than just another commodity or salesperson.


Many of our Students are Realtors, and they’ve had absolute massive success after investing in the program.


Considering just one sale can give you return on investment – it’s a no brainer to want to learn more.


To do so, simply click here for more information.

Khabeer Rockley

Khabeer Rockley is a Sales & Business Trainer, and the Founder of The 5% Institute

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