5 x Insurance Sales Tips To Close Easier

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5 x Insurance Sales Tips To Close Easier

No matter whether you’re selling life insurance, indemnity insurance even house insurance – these insurance sales tips will help you win more clients.


Selling insurance doesn’t have to be difficult.


After you read these insurance sales tips, ensure you implement them and watch your sales become a lot more consistent.



5 x Insurance Sales Tips To Close Easier



Tip #1 – Avoid Jargon



The first of our insurance sales tips, is to avoid using jargon or complicated language when communicating with your potential clients.


Many Insurance Sales Professionals make the mistake of using jargon for two reasons.


First, their employer may use it with them, and it becomes natural to then use it with your potential clients.


Secondly, they may think it’ll impress their potential clients.


Neither works. Something may be used often and understood within your business, but jargon will be completely alien to your potential clients.


The other issue is once you start using complicated language with your potential clients, you’ll make them feel silly for not understanding what you’re talking about.


This confuses them, and breaks rapport. Once you break rapport, you won’t be able to make the sale.


Avoid using complicated language and jargon, and always break the definition down to make it easy to digest and understand.



Insurance Sales Tip #2 – Diversify Your Lead Generation



Our next insurance sales tip is that you should have two lead generation systems to bring you new potential clients on a daily basis.


Finding your ideal clients are an important part of the sales process, because it’ll allow you to have on the phone or face to face conversations with people who are qualified for your products and services.


There are two types of lead generation systems. These are:


  • Inbound lead generation systems
  • Outbound lead generation systems


Inbound lead generations systems are sales funnels and similar systems to bring leads into your business.


Outbound lead generation systems are ways that you can reach out to prospective clients and build interest to have a face to face conversation; or alternatively speak with them on the phone.


If you wish to learn more about lead generation systems, you can learn so by clicking the article below.


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Insurance Sales Tip #3 – Don’t Sell To Early



Another very critical insurance sales tip, is that you shouldn’t sell your insurance products too early in your sales process.


As per our article on, many Sales Professionals and Business Owners struggle with sales because they sell too soon.


Instead, first learn about their current situation, and ask open ended questions to find out if they will in fact be the right fit for your products and services, and to ensure they’ll benefit from them too.


One you know your potential client is a good fit for one of your products or services – then and only then, have you earned the right to present what you’re selling.


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Insurance Sales Tip #4 – Find The Meaning Behind Why They Want Insurance



Our fourth insurance sales tip, is that you need to find out why they want to have a conversation about a particular insurance product, before you start presenting your offer.


People don’t buy insurance – instead, they buy what it will mean once they own it.


Learn about their current situation, and the potential risks of what will happen if they don’t have insurance.


Are you selling house insurance? What will it mean if all their belongings and treasured memories burn down in a house fire, and they’re not able to recoup their personal assets.


Perhaps you’re a small boutique company specialising in per insurance – if they have a furry family member; what will it cost them if they need emergency assistance and don’t have the right coverage to look after them when in need?


Find the meaning behind why they need the insurance.



Last But Not Least, Tip #5 – Use A Sales Process



Our final insurance sales tip, is that you should always use a sales process when having deep diving conversations with your potential clients.


A sales process, or commonly known as a sales system, is a step by step outline or blueprint you can use to get the same positive result.


By positive result, we mean both consistent sales, and secondly being able to serve more people and make a bigger impact.


A sales process is crucial if you want to win more sales more regularly.


To check out our article on how you can do this, visit the related article below.


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