The Top x 10 Sales Blogs To Close More Successfully

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The Top x 10 Sales Blogs To Close More Successfully

Sales blogs are an excellent way to up skill your sales education, because you can quickly navigate and read up on a specific area you’d like to enhance.


However – like many other Sales Professionals and Business Owners; you’re most probably strapped for time and want to know which sales blogs and worth regularly checking into.


That’s where this article comes in.


In this article, you’ll find out about our top ten referred sales blogs, as well as how you can use sales blogs to enhance your sales skills.



The Top x 10 Sales Blogs To Close More Successfully



Sales Blogs For All Levels:



1 – The 5% Institute



Naturally, we couldn’t complete this list of sales blogs without including our own!


The 5% Institute Sales Blog was created with both Business Owners and Sales Professionals in mind.


Not only does it cover the tactical – there are also articles on strategy, planning, and management.


Some of the topics regularly covered include:



Click on the links above to get full coverage of the sales blog categories.



2 – Hubspot



Very much like above, Hubspot delivers content for both sales veterans and newbies.


They cover topics ranging from customer service and sales management, through to sales tech and sales techniques.


You can check out the Hubspot blog by clicking the link here.



3 – Sales Hacker



Sales Hacker makes a list of sales blogs for all levels, because they regularly post content on qualifying, the sales process, cold calling and much more.


They also put out various forms of sales content – from videos to webinars, to articles and white papers.


You can visit Sales Hacker by visiting the link here.



Sales Blogs For Managers:



4 – Sales Benchmark Index



The Sales Benchmark Index focuses on fresh insights, hiring and managing, as well as crafting a winning strategy.


They also have a lot of coverage about sales culture – and what you can do to enhance yours.


Click on the link here to have a look at their content.



5 – Closer IQ Sales Blog



The Closer IQ blog makes our list of sales blogs for managers, because it’s mostly geared towards topics of performance management, hiring, talent strategy, and selling strategy.


Check out their blog here for more detail.



6 – The Top Line Leadership Blog



The Top Line Leadership Blog is very much geared towards Sales Managers and Sales Leaders.


Most of their topics are mostly management centred – and it’s worth checking out if you’re new to sales management.


Here is a link to their blog.



Sales Blogs For Sales Professionals:



 7 – Entrepreneur Magazine



Entrepreneur Magazine have a digital arm, called just by their first name; Entrepreneur.


Although they cover a vast array of topics such as tech, wealth, starting a business and marketing; they also have wide coverage on the topic of sales.


In fact, we’ve also contributed to Entrepreneur – and recommend you checking the articles out below:




8 – The Close Sales Blog



This makes out list of sales blogs for Professionals, because it also covers an excellent range of topics.


Although their product is a SAAS CRM; their content is an excellent read if you’re involved in face to face or proactive selling.


Their resources include sales motivation, cold outreach topics, and webinars.


Check out their blog here.



9 – The Gong Labs Sales Blog



Gong Labs have excellent content, and we’re happy to include them in our list of sales blogs to regularly read.


Topics included are:


  • Revenue intelligence
  • Product news
  • Sales management
  • Sales skills


Check out their website by clicking the link here.



10 – Lead Fuze



Another sales pipeline tool; Lead Fuze have an excellent range of topics for Sales Professionals and Business Owners alike.


You can find a link to their website here.



How To Use Sales Blogs To Your Advantage



Although articles and blogs can be an excellent resource to learn how to enhance your skills, you also have to be cautious about using them.


There are generally two reasons why.


First – if you go into reading a blog without any intention, you can potentially waste a lot of time under the disguise of being productive.


You can read a lot on many topics; but without any clear focus, it’ll be easy to forget what you’ve learnt, which’ll be a waste of time and opportunity.


Instead, go into reading a sales blog with a topic in mind. This way, you’ll go into the activity with focus, giving you a batter chance of remembering what you’ll learn.


Secondly – you may find a lot of contradictory information.


Read what resonates with you, and more importantly – read more about what actually works.


Theory is all well and good, however the only thing that matters is what works in real life.



Final Thoughts



Our list of recommended sales blogs is a great resource to learn from and discuss a wide range of topics.


What is most important, is to take action on what you read.


Learning is the first step to success, but more importantly is the implementation on what you learn.


If you’re interested in enhancing your sales skills, you can register for our no cost 7 Day Sales Challenge here.



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