5 x Sales Negotiation Tips To Win More Sales

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5 x Sales Negotiation Tips To Win More Sales

Sales negotiation is a hot topic for Sales Professionals and Business Owners, because its something that literally can ‘make or break the deal’.


Given its importance; Sales Professionals and Business Owners who directly sell their products or services, can become nervous when its time to negotiate.


That’s why in this article, we’ll be looking at five sales negotiation tips to help you stay on track, win more sales, and serve more people.



5 x Sales Negotiation Tips To Win More Sales



Sales Negotiation Tip #1 – Decision Makers



A common mistake Sales Professionals and Business Owners make when having their sales conversations, is asking for the sale only to find out you’ve been talking to someone who isn’t a decision maker.


This is not only disheartening; but costs you time, resources, and potentially the sale.


Not to mention – now this person is going to try and either do the selling for you without your sales process and you present, or maybe even turn the decision maker away from engaging with you because they may not agree with your product or service.


One of our important sales negotiation tips it to make sure you qualify your potential clients up front using either the BANT methodology, or something similar.


At The 5% Institute, we teach Sales Professionals and Business Owners to understand and clarify who the decision makers up front; so that you don’t have to come across the “I need to speak to” sales objection later.


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Sales Negotiation Tip #2 – Build ‘Deep’ Rapport



There is rapport; and then there is ‘deep rapport’.


Deep rapport is something we term when you’ve built rapport on both a conscious and subconscious level and is one of our very powerful sales negotiation tips when done correctly.


When building deep rapport, there are several things you’ll need to practice and master.


Firstly, is your appearance; first impressions matter, so its important to not only dress for success, but also dress for the occasion. People like people who are like them, so dress similar but don’t upstage anybody.


Secondly, display a sense of relaxation and calmness.


If you feel or look nervous, your potential client will pick up on this and will think there may be a reason as to why you’re feeling this way. Although it’s normal to feel nervous, feel and act natural when you can.


Thirdly, build commonality with your potential client by using a technique called matching and mirroring.


This technique is to be used very subtly, and helps you mirror tonality, body language, and even verbal language used.


To learn more about this sales negotiation tip and building rapport on a deeper level, check out the related article below.


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Sales Negotiation Tip #3 – Ask More Questions



Another important sales negotiation tip that we teach in The 5% Sale Blueprint, is that master Sale Professionals and Business Owners who sell their own products, have to be excellent at asking deep diving questions.


Amateur Salespeople do the majority of the talking, and even prematurely present their products or services before deep diving into pain and desire.


People buy emotionally for two reasons.


They buy to escape pain, and buy for positive results (desire and pleasure).


Sales Professionals who ask deep diving questions, win more sales because they know how to get their potential clients to speak about their problems, and bring their pain out into the open.


Secondly, they also get their potential clients to speak about what it’ll look like when they reach their desired goals and have a solution.


By doing this, they make the issues and results a reality; and no longer just an idea.


The more you ask powerful questions, the more sales you’ll win.


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Tip #4 – Help Them Sell Themselves



Another important sales negotiation tip we teach in The 5% Sales Blueprint, is to help your potential client sell themselves, rather than you do all the hard work and selling.


Think about this – who would be better to sell to your potential client; you, or them?


Of course, it will be them.


The reason being, is they best know their own problems, pain points, desired outcomes, and intimate details to help close the sale and cross the required line.


We just want to ensure we lead them towards the sale (if they’re qualified of course).


So how do you help them sell themselves?


We do this with a sales technique called tie-downs.


Tie down sales techniques are another powerful sales negotiation tip, because by asking them correctly, you can elicit a response that’ll help them sell themselves.


The way that it works, is you ask a question in which you know you’ll get agreement. Sometimes these are also referred to as trial closes.


To learn more about tie downs, how they work and how to use them, read the related article below for more detail.


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Sales Negotiation Tip #5 – Bridge The Gap



When it comes to sales presentations, many Salespeople do it backwards.


They present early, use scripts, and hope that something they say will stick; and that the potential client will buy.


This method is flawed, outdated, and is costing you sales.


Instead, we recommend that you leave your sales presentation until the end.


The reason being is when you’re presenting, you want to present in a way that bridges the gap of where they currently are, to where they need to be. This is an important sales negotiation tip, because it increases your authority and positions you as a specialist.


As mentioned, people by things to escape pain and move towards pleasure.


Your aim of your conversation and sales process, is to learn what their pain and desires are, and then present in a way that not only clearly demonstrates how you solve their problem; but why they should choose you to do so.


There is a fine art to presenting correctly.


In the related article below, we’ll detail how to effectively present your sales presentation in a way to close more sales.


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Final Thoughts



Sales negotiation is a very important part of the sales process, and a crucial topic to master of you want to increase your sales.


In this article, we’ve looked at five important sales negotiation tips to help you do just that. If you want to share any other sales negotiation tips, feel free to do so in the comments.


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