Read This Before You Go To Realtor School

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Read This Before You Go To Realtor School

Investing in Realtor School and becoming a Realtor / Real Estate Professional can be an excellent career move for many.


Not only is it very lucrative – but for many Realtors, you’ll have the flexibility of working different hours, and meeting a variety of people and learning their unique stories.


However, becoming a successful Realtor isn’t an easy walk in the park.


There will be times when things can get very difficult, and you’ll wonder why you became a Realtor in the first place.


In this article, we’ll share 8 x important lessons you’ll want to read before you invest in Realtor School, so that you start ahead of the curve and hit the ground running.



Read This Before You Go To Realtor School



Lesson #1 Before Realtor School – Resilience



The first thing to ask yourself before you join a Realtor School, is whether you have the resilience for the role.


Being a Realtor has its ups and downs, and like any market out there – times will get tough.


To be a successful Realtor, you’ll need to be prepared for hard times, and you’ll need to have the discipline to show up every day.


By showing up every day – we mean having a key set of principles and standards that you operate by and having the discipline to stay true to those standards.


The key to success in anything is consistency, even when the market and times get tough.


If you’re a disciplined individual, you’ll have what it takes to succeed in real estate and should consider investing in Realtor School.


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Lesson #2 Before Realtor School – Goal Setting



Without discipline, you’ll have no foundation to build on to become a successful Realtor. However once you commit to showing up everyday for yourself and your family, the next lesson is to hold yourself accountable with goals.


Prior to investing in Realtor School, write out what you wish to accomplish with a career in real estate.


Yes – money is definitely an important factor, but what else do you wish to achieve?


When writing out your goals, studies show that you should anchor them with emotion as well as logic.


Many people just keep their goals logical – which is why so many people don’t end up following through.


Human beings are emotional creatures, and it’s important to have emotional reasons as to why we want to achieve what we want to achieve, if we want to stay true for the course.


When writing out your goals, detail why you want to achieve them and what it will mean when you do. Who will you be able to better serve?


What life and opportunity would you be able to provide for your family?


The more you detail this, the better you’ll be prepared to stay resilient and disciplined in tougher times.


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Lesson #3 – Prospecting



Before you invest in Realtor School, know that a large part of your role as a Realtor will be getting your message out in front of the right audience.


Notice we say, ‘right audience’?


So many Realtors make the mistake of trying to put out their message everywhere, that they end up attracting nobody into their business.


When prospecting, there is a right way, and definitely a wrong way.


The wrong way is mass marketing without a clear and ideal type of client.


By going mass market, you’ll go through your marketing budget very quickly, and not have much to show for it.


Instead, we recommend identifying the type of clients and areas you’d like to serve and become an absolute star at serving those people and areas.


Which market do you want to be famous for? Is it a specific area, or perhaps a niche group of people such as first home owners, luxury buyers or couples looking to down size?


Once you have a targeting strategy in place, you’ll be better prepared to put together messaging that speaks to those people and start using the right marketing channels where they’re hanging out.


To learn how to do this, you can learn about putting together a marketing plan by clicking here, and the two types of sales prospecting methods by clicking here.



Lesson #4 Before Realtor School – Process



One of the most important lessons you can learn before going to Realtor School, and something that’ll be an absolute game changer for you – is learning that successful Realtors all use a consistent sales process.


Although there are different types of sales processes – such as the 7 step sales process, 8 step sales process or B2B sales process; it all comes down to using a consistent system to close more sales.


As previously mentioned, consistency and staying disciplined are the key foundations to become successful as a Realtor.


The benefits of using a sales process are:


  • Having a clear road map to close more sales
  • Certainty for both you and your clients
  • It puts you in the driver’s seat of the conversation


To learn the steps involved in the sales process for Realtors, check out the detailed guide linked below.


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Lesson #5 Before Realtor School – Don’t Present Too Early



One of the things you won’t learn in Realtor School, is that you shouldn’t present your listed properties too early.


Realtor School generally teaches that you show them your listings early, and then hope that you have something listed that peaks their interest.


This model is actually back to front.


Instead – we recommend learning about their situation, why they’re in the market, what their current issues are, and what it will mean when they buy the house of their dreams.


Never assume – are they buying to live in the home, or as an investor?


Depending on the answer, will mean very different approaches to your sales conversation.


As per our article in Entrepreneur Media, premature presentation is when you present your listings prior to knowing why they’re looking for a property in the first place.


Instead of showing and hoping, you should prescribe a property that solves their problems, just as a medical specialist would.


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Lesson #7 Before Realtor School – Learn To Sell



The most important thing you’ll need to learn prior to becoming a Realtor or investing in Realtor School, is learning how to sell the right way.


When you become a Realtor, it may take a few months before you start making consistent income. That’s why they recommend you have a few months of savings to help you through the initial first stages.


It is crucial though that you know how to consistently sell, so you can hit the ground running by closing sales effectively, and consistently.


We recommend investing in online sales training for two reasons:


  • It’s a lot more affordable than traditional sales training
  • You can learn it over and over again, in your own time. Once you invest, it’s yours


To learn more about online sales training, read the article link below for details.


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Lesson #7 – Networking



As Tim Sanders famously said; your network is your net worth.


Once you’re in Realtor School, partner and network with other realtors so you can build a referral group among yourselves.


You may speak with potential clients – only to learn you haven’t got what they need, but you may know a Realtor who can help them. By helping others, they can also refer people to you too.


We recommend setting up a group of referral partners around the community and type of people you want to serve.


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Lesson #8 Before Realtor School – Build A Brand



Something they may not share with you in Realtor School, is that if you want to become a successful Realtor – you’ll need to build a personal brand.


Jeff Bezos famously said – “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”, and he’s 100% right.


Create regular content and give out tips like what people should know before buying a home, or tips n what people can do to sell their home for more.


This not only positions you as an expert but will go a long way to build trust and rapport too.



Final Thoughts



Before you invest in Realtor School, it’s important to know what you’re getting into with clarity.


Investing in Realtor School and becoming a Realtor may be an excellent career choice, but it’ll only work if you work hard at it.


Stay consistent, disciplined, and continue to invest in your personal development. The best investment you could ever make, is investing in yourself and your education.



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