20 x Gap Selling Discovery Questions

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Gap Selling Discovery Questions

20 x Gap Selling Discovery Questions

Gap selling discovery questions are a crucial part of the sales process and can be the difference winning the sale, or getting another “I need to think about it” objection.


There are various kinds of gap selling discovery questions; from learning how they buy, to handling sales objections early and finding pain points and desire.


In this article, we’ll be exploring 20 x powerful gap selling discovery questions to help you with:


  • Learning how they buy
  • Qualifying questions
  • Finding pain
  • Handling objections
  • Asking for the sale



Types Of Gap Selling Discovery Questions



In sales, there are various kinds of questions you can ask that lead a potential client towards a decision; whether it be making a purchase and investment or moving onto the next potential client.


Types of gap selling discovery questions include open-ended questions, assumptive close questions, close ended questions, and tie-down questions.


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Open-Ended Questions



Open-ended questions are gap selling discovery questions that ask that your potential client to elaborate more in regard to what you’re asking.


Instead of giving you a yes or no type answer; they’ll have to think about their response and give you further information about what you’re asking.


These are fantastic for sales conversations, because open-ended, gap selling discovery questions allow you to investigate all kinds of topics; from how they buy, to who needs to be involved and what they’re looking at having solved.


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Assumptive Close Questions



Assumptive close questions are gap selling discovery questions you ask where you’re assuming the response prior to getting an answer.


They can be referred to as rhetorical questions and are usually asked by Salespeople who want to get agreement of some kind prior to moving onto their next line of questioning.


Agreement is important, because it can be very powerful and influential if you want to lead a potential client towards the sale. To learn more about our recommended assumptive close gap selling discovery questions, read the related article below.


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Close Ended Questions



Close ended questions aren’t particularly gap selling discovery questions but are still important if you require a definite answer.


If you feel your potential client is skirting around or not being completely straight with you, close-ended questions are great to get the answer you need, and to then move onto your next set of sales probing questions.


When using close ended questions, we recommend using them minimally, and correctly.


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Tie Down Questions



Tie down questions; also known as tie down sales techniques, are an excellent persuasive and influential tool to add to your sales toolkit.


The aim of tie down questions is to get agreement, or a yes response.


When you get enough agreement responses, you’ll slowly build a stronger case as to why your potential client needs your product or service, as well as build stronger rapport and alignment with your potential client.


Having your potential client agree over and over, is a way to help your client sell themselves. We’re big advocates of doing this and can teach you how in The 5% Sales Blueprint.


It’s easier to help a potential client sell themselves, rather than doing all the hard selling on your own.


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20 x Gap Selling Discovery Questions



Gap Selling Discovery Questions For How They Buy



1 – Can you please share who needs to be involved prior to making a purchasing decision?


2 – When was the last time you bought something like this?


3 – What made you buy (insert product) the last time?


4 – What worked well when you last bought (insert product), and what didn’t you like?



Gap Selling Discovery Questions For Qualifying



1 – Prior to moving forward, is there anyone else who may need to be involved?


2 – Out of curiosity; what budget did you have put aside for this?


3 – What timeline did you look at having these issues resolved?


4 – What do you think our next steps should be?



Gap Selling Discovery Questions For Finding Pain



1 – What’s currently holding you back from reaching your goals?


2 – What would you say are the top three issues you’re dealing that I need to know?


3 – Please help me understand why you called me to come in today? (one of my personal favourite sales probing questions)


4 – What problem would like me to solve for you?



Gap Selling Discovery Questions For Handling Objections



1 – What would you like us to discuss before we move forward?


2 – Before me move forward; is there anything you’d like to discuss more?


3 – How does all that sound to you so far?


4 – Is there anything that I’ve shared so far that you’d like a little more clarity on?



Gap Selling Discovery Questions For Closing (Asking For The Sale)



1 – When can we begin?


2 – Would you like me to help you achieve this? (one of my favourite closing questions)


3 – What’s your timeline for making a decision?


4 – For us to come to an agreement, what are your must and should haves?



Final Thoughts



Gap selling discovery questions are an important part of your sales process, because it allows you to find out if there is an actual need, learn about decision makers, and help the potential client sell themselves on a solution.


Many Sales Professionals make the mistake of presenting too early; and not asking enough questions.


Questions are the most powerful part of your consultative selling process, and we believe that the more you ask – the more you’ll earn. When you speak, the focus of attention is on you.

When you ask questions, you put the attention onto your potential client.



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