Common Sales Objections & How To Handle Them With Ease

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Four Common Sales Objections

Common Sales Objections & How To Handle Them With Ease

In this article, we’ll explore the four most common sales objections, and how to handle them.


Although many people teach sales scripts to overcome sales objections, we instead recommend two different methodologies.


The first methodology is to prevent them from coming up in the first place.


The second methodology is to use a framework, that works with your potential clients to help them overcome the sales objections themselves.


Read on to learn the four common sales objections, and how to handle them with ease.



Common Sales Objections & How To Handle Them With Ease



What Are The Four Common Sales Objections?



Generally, there are four common sales objections you’ll come across when speaking to potential clients.


Although these objections may present themselves in different forms, it usually stems from one of these four places.


These are:


  • They don’t have the budget
  • There’s no need
  • There’s a lack of urgency
  • A lack of trust



Common Sales Objection #1 – Budget



The first on our list of common sales objections, is one you’ve definitely come across if you’ve been in sales for a while.


This is budget.


In our online sales training course, The 5% Sales Blueprint – we teach that you should handle budget in two ways.


The first, is to ensure that when prospecting for potential clients, that you only meet with people who can afford your product or service.


So many Sales Professionals and Business Owners meet with people who they think might be able to afford their services, but unfortunately target the wrong demographic.


By meeting with people who can only afford your products or services, you prevent this potential objection from coming up later.


Secondly, we prescribe that you should discuss money during your sales conversations, rather than leaving it towards the end.


By doing so, you can amplify the cost of not taking action, and what they have budgeted to fix their current problems and issues.


To learn how to put this into practice, read the linked article directly below.


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Common Sales Objection #2 – No Need



Similar to budget; to avoid this common sales objection, you should only have a discovery call with people who you know would have a need for the solution you provide.


Instead of just ‘pitching and hoping’ that someone will buy, we recommend learning as soon as possible as to whether or not there’s a need for what you’re selling.


This not only saves you time, but potential costs because you’ll only be using valuable resources with people that you can actually serve.



#3 – No Urgency



The third of our common sales objections, is a lack of urgency to make a decision.


Generally, the reason why people don’t take action straight away is because you haven’t got them to think about their issues enough, and what it will mean if they don’t fix it.


From a sales context, we call this finding pain, or pain points.


Finding pain is a crucial ingredient in your sales process and conversations, because people buy to move away from pain, and move towards a desired state.


By uncovering a person’s pain, you can get them thinking about the importance of finding a solution – which hopefully, would be something your product or service can help them with.


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Common Sales Objection #4 – Trust



One of the most important things you need to build during your sales conversations, and number four on our list of common sales objections, is the subject of trust.


People buy from people they trust.


If someone doesn’t trust that you’ll be able to deliver on what you say, or don’t trust that you have their best interest at heart – they simply won’t buy.


The way we recommend you overcome this issue, is by positioning yourself as a Trusted Advisor.


A Trusted Advisor is a person whom someone feels has their best interests at heart and is someone they know will only prescribe them a product or service, if they can truly help them.


Contrary to this, a commodity is a person who’ll try to sell you something, even if they’re not sure as to whether or not they’ll actually help your situation.


To learn how to build trust, we recommend that you read the linked article directly below.


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How To Overcome Common Sales Objections



As mentioned previously, we recommend to overcome common sales objections, that you need to use a framework.


Instead of using sales scripts, a framework gives you certainty, consistency, and is a lot easier to remember.


Below is a simple breakdown on how to overcome common sales objections.


  • Listen to their objection carefully
  • Repeat it back to them and ask them to expand
  • Validate where they’re coming from
  • Re-frame the objection
  • Confirm that they agree, and are settled with the response


We’ve written an article this breaks this down into a lot more detail.


Click the link below to learn how.


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Final Thoughts



Common sales objections generally come from these four places, however by preventing them from coming up or using a framework to handle them, they shouldn’t be a problem.


When you’re handling sales objections, we always recommend using a consultative approach, rather than coming across as pushy.


This way, they’ll know you’re approaching the conversation with their best intentions in mind, rather than someone who’s just trying to make a quick sale.



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