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Our Online Sales Course Makes Closing Easy

Our mission at The 5% Institute is to teach, empower, and serve Sales Professionals and Business Owners around the world – which is why we created our online sales course.


The 5% Sales Blueprint; our online sales course, is a 100% online delivered sales training program, completely designed with the end user in mind.


Find out below if our online sales course may be the right fit for you or your business.



The 5% Sales Blueprint – Our Online Sales Course



Our Mission



The reason for creating our online sales course was simple; we wanted to serve Sales Professionals and Business Owners in a way that’ll give them the maximum impact for not only their business, but also their lives.


Sales is the lifeblood of any business.


Although other aspects of business are very important; sales are the most important, because if nothing sells, nothing grows – and nothing happens.


The best way to change someone’s life and make an incredible impact, is to increase their capacity and capability.


This is done by increasing someone’s income; and a person has the opportunity to increase their income if they learn how to effectively sell.


Our mission – through our online sales course; is to help and serve Sales Professionals and Business Owners all around the world – so they can win more sales and make a bigger impact.



The Creator Of The 5% Sales Blueprint – Our Online Sales Course


khabeer rockley












Khabeer Rockley is a Speaker, Sales and Marketing Strategy Coach, and Founder of The 5% Institute; a company dedicated to helping Sales Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners get more leads, and win more sales.


Khabeer has been featured in Entrepreneur, The CW, Investor Place, ABC, NBC and many more outlets, where he has shared sales advice on how to streamline your sales process, and ethically close more clients.























Before dedicating his work full time to coaching and training, Khabeer owned and ran several businesses; ranging from high-level event management and marketing, to retail and digital.


The creator of The 5% Sales Blueprint online sales course, Khabeer now devotes his time to helping and serving other driven Business Owners and Sales Professionals to make more income, and crush their goals.


You can learn more about Khabeer by clicking the link below.


Further reading: About Khabeer Rockley & The 5% Institute



Why Consistent Sales Is Crucial To Your Success



Over the years while delivering our online sales course to Sales Professionals and Business Owners in various countries and industries, we have learnt the following:


  • Many people don’t have a sales process
  • Most people wing it with their sales, and don’t have a consistent system


The most important ingredient in ensuring your sales success, is to use a step by step, easy to follow system that guides you to win more sales and creates a positive experience for your potential and ideal clients.


This way – you don’t have to rely on ‘guesswork’ or throwing the results of your sales efforts to hope.


When you follow a step by step sales process – you have a road map and sales methodology that helps you win more sales consistently, because you no longer have to leave things to chance.


Consistent sales is important for Sales Professionals and Business Owners, because it allows you to plan more accurately, measure your sales KPI’s with better clarity, and have less anxiety of wondering what you need to do to close the sale.


Below is a breakdown of how The 5% Sales Blueprint online sales course will help you achieve more consistent sales.



The 5% Sales Blueprint – A Breakdown Of Our Online Sales Course



As mentioned; The 5% Sales Blueprint online sales course was designed with the Sales Professional and Business Owner in mind.


It has been created to take away the guesswork and is designed in a way to make it easy to implement and remember once you learn the material.


Previously the program was only available in person; and Sales Professionals and Business Owners attending our sales course would invest $3997 to learn.


However – due to it now being available online; we’ve massively scaled down the investment, to make it affordable for Sales Professionals and Business Owners in various industries and countries.


Below is a breakdown of what is included in the program.



Goal Setting For Success



The first module covered in our online sales course, is how you can achieve your goals in an actionable and easy way.


Studies show that many people don’t achieve their goals, because they either don’t have the right direction – or they don’t know how to do them correctly.


Once you invest in our online sales course, you’ll learn how to discover and write out your goals in a way that’ll allow them to be the foundation for what you want to achieve.



Why People Buy



Many sales training courses don’t cover the psychology behind why people buy.


This information is crucial, because when you have a fundamental understanding behind the subconscious and conscious reasons as to why people buy, the sales process as well as the content will make a lot more sense.


We cover this, so you can model your sales strategy around why people buy in the first place.



The Importance Of A Sales Process



As previous mentioned, many people wing it with their sales conversations, presentations, and overall sales process.


Our online sales course will teach you why it is crucial to follow a road map, and the steps to get you to close more sales efficiently and elegantly.



Building Rapport



People buy from people they like and trust.


Rapport is built both consciously and unconsciously. In The 5% Sales Blueprint online sales course, you’ll learn how to use your appearance, tonality, as well as mirroring techniques to build a deep rapport with your potential clients.



Setting Pre-Frames



A pre-frame is a set of upfront expectations we teach Sales Professionals and Business Owners, so that they can do away with sales objections up front, as well as ensure they qualify potential client as early as possible.


Our online sales course prescribes that you should handle objections early, so they don’t unnecessarily come up later.



Power Questions



Power questions are questions that lead potential clients to uncover the importance of finding a solution for their issues – as well as help and lead them to sell themselves on the need for a solution.


When you learn to help clients sell themselves; your sales efforts become a whole lot easier because you don’t need to use old-school, hard selling tactics to win more sales.


Instead, our online sales course will provide you with the questions you need to ask to lead your potential client towards the sale.



Pain & Pleasure



People buy for two reasons – they want to move away from pain and move towards pleasure; or a desired state and outcome.


Uncovering pain and finding their desired results are two very fundamental parts of the sales process, and one we cover extensively in our online sales course.






As per one of our articles in Entrepreneur, many Sales Professionals prematurely pitch their products and services without having the right to do so.


And by having the right, we mean ensuring you learn whether you can in fact help solve their needs, and secondly – by carefully articulating how your product or service bridges the gap from where they are, to where they want to be.


In our online sales course, you’ll learn how to present in a way that positions you as a specialist who prescribes a solution, rather than just another salesperson looking for a quick win.



Handling Objections



Many sales training courses will try to convince you that you need to memorise hundreds of various sales scripts if you want to be successful at selling.


In the real world this strategy fails, because firstly, you’re not a record player that regurgitates responses, and secondly – your potential clients are people, and should be treated with respect.


Instead of using scripts, our online sales course will teach you a step by step structure to use.


This way, you’ll still have a guided road map to handle sales objections, however you’ll be able to remember each of the steps without having to rely on out dated, cheesy lines and responses.






Asking for the sale in a non-pushy, strong, confident, and elegant manner is extremely important in today’s day an age.


In our online sales course, you’ll learn how to ask for the sale in a consultative manner without breaking rapport.


We’ve kept the process simple, so it’s easy to learn – and more importantly, easy to implement.



The Reviews On Our Online Sales Course



As mentioned, we’ve trained Sales Professionals and Business owners in various countries, and various industries.


To learn how people are consistently closing more sales due to the program, visit our testimonials and praise page here.



Click Here To Learn More About The 5% Sales Blueprint



What Else Is Included In Our Online Sales Course?



To make the experience positive and easy to follow along, we’ve included a detailed workbook in our online sales course for you to print out and respond to the allocated questions.


This way, you can reflect on what you’ve learnt, memorise it easier, and be able to better implement and take action on your new information.


The sales training course is also online; this means you can access it on the go, and learn on a tablet, mobile device or your desktop.


Finally – we’ve also included bonuses at no extra cost.


One bonus will teach you how to create and set up sales funnels, so you can bring in automated leads.


Another bonus will teach you exactly how to do proactive outreach; so, you’re not wasting your time on cold calling mistakes which may not be working.



Who Is Our Online Sales Course For?



Our online sales course is perfect for the following people:


  • Sales Professionals
  • Real Estate Agents & Realtors
  • Financial Advisers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Business Owners who sell face to face


If you need to sell face to face and require a consultative process to help win more sales and clients – then this program is perfect for you.


To be clear, this program is not a get rich quick scheme.


In order to be successful in sales and business, you need to learn and put into action what you learn.


Investing in yourself and taking action on your investment is the sure path to succeed in selling and in business.


If you’re looking for a get rich quick program, this online sales training course is not for you.


However – if you’re looking for a proven, step by step sales formula, then this program may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.


To learn more about The 5% Sales Blueprint, simply check out the link below to find out more.


The 5% Sales Blueprint – Click Here To Learn More

Khabeer Rockley

Khabeer Rockley is a Sales & Business Trainer, and the Founder of The 5% Institute

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